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The Big Change: Moving To Norway

It took me moving continents to finally get back to the blog. So hello! It’s been a while. And by a while, I mean 2 whole years! Life Update: I live in Norway now. I married a kind caring man (you know the type I hadn’t dated before. Ha!) and moved here to be with him. I landed in Oslo on January 1st to empty, silent streets, leafless trees and so much darkness. Everything shut by 4 pm. It was dark by 3:30-4:00 in the evening and sun rise was only by 9 in the morning. I missed the dust and grime of Calcutta, the construction noise outside my house even. But for someone who is cold in 20 degree Calcutta winters, I survived my first Norwegian winter (though I hear this was one of the mildest winters). I never imagined having to start over after 31 years of my life. But here I am, trying to learn a new language, build start a career all over again. So 10 months into my big move, I think I’m ready to impart some wisdom. The big decision. I moved to Norway to be with my husband. He&#

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