If you've ever studied in the hills(as in Darjeeling, Sikkim), you can never forget the taste of the Momos and the Nepali Alu Dum you get there. How I miss it! The momo eateries in the cities are never good enough. However, after trying out like a million momo eateries in Calcutta, I finally found one which so reminds me of the Kurseong momos and the Nepali Alu Dum..I could go there everyday just to eat it! I wish I'd remembered to take pictures of the dishes..but I was too busy gorging on them.

Please excuse my hair.
Yesterday I thought I'd get a hair spa done at home to save money..turned out to be a very very bad idea! Basically I got the spa cream from Hong Kong Market Siliguri(known to sell duplicate products). . HORRIBLE IDEA! But I go to that store all the time and it has been quite reliable so far..except this one time where my hair looks like a 'chiriya ka ghosla'(bird's nest)!

My top shows how horribly I still am obsessed with hearts :P It's such an old top..I have no idea where its from..
I love the floral clutch..another obsession-florals! I'd wear them even if they are not in fashion.
I'm also kind of obsessed with rings too at the moment.

Clutch- Shopper's Stop
Gladiators- Calcutta
Earrings- Goa


  1. Looking good! And I am a die hard momos fan. I am from Dehradun and we get good momos there. Right now m in mumbai and the momos here are not that good.
    Do give WH a try if you feel like. And I loved Eat,Pray,Love!! Right now i have picked up "Committed" by Elizabith Gilbert.

  2. You've pulled up a great look altogether.... Love the ring and those sandals.

  3. love the clutch and the ring..Have you tried momos in Delhi Haat? they are supposed to be pretty good that if you visit delhi next time :)

  4. I'm obsessed with florals too. Amost everything I own has a flower on it!!! Cute top :)


  5. 5 things I like here-
    1. Pants
    2. Heart shirt
    3. Clutch
    4. Ring
    5. The Bird staring at me while I'm writing this :P


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