Tribute to a dress I can never fit into again!

 I know I've been missing from my new born blog for WAY TOO LONG!!!! But that's because I've just shifted to a pg..and what can I tell you about the woes of shifting! My mum had been nagging me every single day about my clothes- How are you ever going to fit all of this in your pg? Stop spending so much! and it went on and on. As a result I left most of  my clothes,shoes,bags at my aunt's place!!! And to go get them, I'll have to travel 1 hour and I'm a little too lazy for that. But I will get them SOON! So no 'new' outfit posts any time soon.

I love it here..the girls are really fun..every night is like a party for us..we're up till 3 in the morning..laughing,talking,gossiping,crying (sometimes).

These are pictures of my last birthday, that's last October. I'd lost so much weight then. I think I will never fit into it again *sigh*

 I so loved these shoes..I'd returned it back to the shopkeeper cos the flower had come out and his staff sold it off unintentionally..however, he did give me another pair to compensate!


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