11-11-11: People say either of the three could happen-
  1. Something good
  2. Nothing
  3. Something bad
I don't think anything bad will happen. But it's always nice to wish for the good. So, I am going to make wish-es just in case they come true. I sadly missed 11:11 am but I still have 11:11 pm :)

  • I wish to get into the best-est college for Mass Com next year.
  • I wish my relationship works out fine and we have a 'lived happily ever after' thing.
  • I wish my internship turns into a job. (If that really is the right thing for me at the moment)
  • I wish I get LOTS of money to shop.
  • I wish lots of happiness for my loved ones :)

So,what did you wish for?


  1. This ewminds me , I should make a wishlist too :p
    Few of ur outfits are really cute :)

  2. aah..i wished for the usual..lots of money!!

    like your top!!!


  3. Great look. I am following you now! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

  4. Love your dress. It is HOT. Where did you get it?

    This 11-11-11 I didn't wish for anything. Instead I was thankful for all I had :)


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