Pants- Roberto Cavalli, Dress worn as top- Vero Moda, Neck piece- Latin Quarters, Cuff- Flee Market

Can I do just pictures this time? I have so much to crib about..but I am going to refrain from doing so and bugging all of you.

Have a good November people :)


  1. Thanks for commenting on our blog. Your pants are fabulous! The harem pants are hard to pull off, but you wear them well :)

  2. Dear Shai,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and all the love..
    Love your pants and the neckpiece.. Great blog. :)

  3. You look fabulous in those pants...lurv leopard print. I've seen them selling these in stores here in SA...was contemplating buying a pair

  4. ok first of all.. amazing pants! I can never wear such bold animal print colors. You carry it really well :)

    In reply to your question, I copyright my photos using picasa. Just click on 'add text', add the © symbol and any text(your name or blog name) that you want! Hope this helped :)

  5. so chic!! :))
    'LOVE' every single thing you are wearing!!

  6. i luv the neckpiece..


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