Here comes more of Arunachal. 

Shungetser Lake..also known as Madhuri Lake cos' her film Koyla was shot there.

As I already mentioned, it is a beautiful place but even now, when people ask me about my trip, I first thing I remember is the long road trip that nearly broke every bone in my body. The roads are horrible Actually there are no roads  yet. That part of India is still very underdeveloped and the harsh mountainous terrain doesn't make it any better.


  1. Your blog is so cute girl!! luvd it,,,

    the pics look so amazing,,India has so much of untouched beauty that even a lifetime is not enough to explore it completely..
    far away from commercialization,,such places are breath-taking ,,,


  2. hy sweetie.. thx fr cmntin on my blog!
    i follow u already! hope u follow me bac :)
    n my leggings i bought thm frm ASOS :)

  3. Are you back home from the trip already.?? I'm in Guwahati. If you happen to visit, just email me. I'd love to meet you... :) And Yes, How did you do that Blog Title? I love it..

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the terrain. Your dress is the previous post is awesome.

  5. It looks like a beautiful place :) PS: Love the new blog layout - It really suits the name ! Also, I've just found you on Twitter :D

  6. I want to go there. I want to go there. I want to go there!

  7. Ohhh I love koyla :) n lovely pictures girl
    btw I like ur new background.. cute wid a bow :)

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  8. More awesomeness! The roads seem like a pain but I guess its worth the view! :)

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