Christmas Morning!

2:05:00 AM

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I did. I told you here that all I wanted to do for Christmas this year was to go to church and thank God for all the lovely people in my life.

So I did go and to the best-est church in Calcutta-St. Paul's Cathedral. Since I missed the mass, I thought I would go to church, light a candle and pray for a while. But it was super crowded and it seemed to me like it was sight-seeing day in enter in a line and come out in one! And no! you cannot stand there for even a minute and pray *forget, lighting a candle*

Then, we decided to go to our college chapel but the traffic was so bad..and we reached really late AND it was time for me to leave for work. So we ate at Mc Donald's since it was the only place that wasn't super crowded and I left for work!

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, I was super excited as it is my off-day,  But on Christmas Eve, my boss asked me to come on Christmas because they were falling short of staff! So I did go. But I have the sweetest colleagues ever..they let me go early because I had plans.

I love the ruffles!

I ordered these pants from ASOS in October and it finally it reached me in December..I did a happy dance when I saw the package! For some reason, the standard shipping ASOS uses doesn't like me. The first time I ordered from ASOS, my top never reached me. And by the time I contacted customer care, it was out of stock so they refunded the money. But I must say, their customer care is really good. When I contacted them about my pants, they sent it again and it finally reached me.

I opened the package with the kind of joy, I really cannot explain. And I see that I ordered size 14..which was more than just loose for me! After a two-month wait, that is what I saw! But, thank God for good tailors!

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  1. So you had an eventful Christmas :) and you do look good :)
    I do not really order online so no such experiences to share :) :)

    Have a great new year :)

  2. Merry Christmas! Hope you had a good one!
    Red pants have become wardrobe must-have.


  3. I love that top, its so pretty and feminine.

  4. Love ur pant color.. and the ruffle top :)

    New outfit post~ The pink coat

    My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)


  5. love the red black combo,,you look fab in it..

    merry christmas :)

  6. You my friend are looking more and more chic in every post :)

  7. Merry Christmas!!! :) You look lovely in those pants!! <3<3 I like them!! :D My friend lives in Calcutta, she also went to ST. Paul's Cathedral and ended up like you!! :P It was so crowded! :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas!! :D

    By the way --- New post!! :) If you have the time, do check it out and comment if you please. :)

    Surabhi. <3

  8. love the plaid jacket pairing with the red pants!

    xo Nav

  9. re: That is a great motto dear.. :)
    Hope u have a great New year.. Stay Blessed!! :)

  10. St paul's is grand!!
    loved it when i visited it....

    you luk pretty dear.....AOS customer service is definitely grt!!

    season's greetings

  11. Thnx for your comment! Nice outfit!

  12. u look gr8, loving those red pants. Pairing of ure ruffled top is such a wonderful choice. Superlike!!!


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