Home and back!

11:31:00 AM

Thank you for sympathizing with me..I know one thing for sure..I will never miss another train again in my life..even if it means going to the station an hour early ( If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see here). As Pratishtha put it, it was epic sad!

But I did manage to reach home in time to see my cousin get married :) I have the sweetest dad ever! He booked me a flight ticket for the next day and sent the car to pick me up even though they needed it real bad at the venue. Since there is no airport in my hometown, I had to travel another 5 to 6 hours and let me tell you, my flight was late and the traffic was horrible. The groom kept calling me up and was nearly late for his marriage.

BUT all's well that ends well and I reached on time :)

I have a feeling December is going to be a good month after all.

Sorry about the picture quality! My camera's with my brother..not that it is too good, but better than this

You must already know how much I love this print. When I saw this at an exhibition here, I just had to buy it..I hope I don't bore you with this shirt cos you're going to see this shirt very very often.

Remember I told you how broke I was last month? Seems I still found a way to shop! What's online shopping for and what is your father's credit card for? Now the only horrible thing is, the scolding I am going to get once my dad finds out!

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  1. Yay, glad you finally made it home!


  2. You look really nice :) A well put outfit..
    Glad u din miss ur flight :P n r on time
    New post is here..maybe u cud take a look :)


  3. Thanks fr ur comment sweets.. All the best fr the preparations.. it is the best feeling in dis world.. to do smthng fr loved ones :)

  4. You look beautiful and lampard print always is cool. Thanks for you nice comment , of course I follow you with pleasure.
    Few years ago I was in Goa - the best vacation ever. Kisses


  5. Thank you for yogur lovely comment. Great blog. Following you baca now

    Love alex


  6. Love your top!!!! Have a happy December :)

  7. haha.. dads will always forgive their darling daughters so dont worry ;)
    Cute outfit!

  8. LOL. You are right. As long as it ends well. Sounds like quite a race against time. Glad you made it.


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