Vacation- Arunachal Pradesh

My hair looks funny! The weather there made my hair really dry :(

You see that cute little doll on my bag?

One of my favourite colours- mustard yellow
Look at the joy on my face on seeing snow all around!

More snow..yay!

13700 feet! 

Beautiful place, no?

The water looks so clear

I'd gone on a family vacation to Arunachal Pradesh in October. It is a beautiful state! The pictures say it all. I will not bore you with my talks anymore since this is already such a picture heavy post. I have so much to tell you though :D

Hope you'll like the pictures..more Arunachal pictures in the next post :)


  1. These are great photos! There's so much beauty within India itself that I wonder why we focus so much on traveling abroad. Love your mustard yellow top!

  2. Oh wow, what beautiful pictures! Your outfit is so cute. I absolutely love that colour on you! Gorgeous!

  3. omg.. snow in AP?? I din knw dat... u mst be having a gr8 time.. n i can't even travel to mountains by road.. Makes me sick :\
    13700 feet is like o.O
    Maybe u have time to read my
    New post

  4. Your hair clipped that way, you look cute.. :) Super cute instead. :) And the place looks like heaven..

  5. Looks like a perfect place for a holiday :) :)

    loved the mustard yell of the top and that jacket is great :)

  6. I would give anything to go to that lake RIGHT NOW! Looks like an amazing trip! :)


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