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This one time during college, I was very upset *I don't remember the reason* but I remember being very upset. I went to a friend's place and she tried cheering me up. She gave up in the end and started showing me the new fabrics she'd got. She had a small clothing line of her own so she was showing me the new fabrics she'd got and I saw this beautiful print in bright red and blue and I cannot tell you how happy it made me! The colours instantly cheered me up #TrueStory Yes, I did end up getting a top made in that print..though I wasn't too happy with the end product, I like it enough to wear it a lot.
Colours make me happy. I rarely opt for a black and white outfit but even when I do, I make it a point to add a pop of colour. I instantly like people who wear a lot of colours. I think men who can carry off bright colours are H.A.W.T. As a kid, it amazed me how you could add two colours and bham! we had a third colour! During art classes, I always added red and white to make pink instead of just using pink. Maybe that is the reason I love spring so much. The colours. The new flowers on the trees, the colourful fruit stalls...spring makes the world a brighter place. Brighter place=Happier place. Though spring here literally means summer and as mush as I crib about the heat and humidity, I'd choose summer/spring over winter anyday just for the colours!

I am also submitting this for the InFB Remix-Neon.

Mixing two bold colours so I kept it simple with the accessories. Yellow is such a summer colour, no?

Top- Sisley (Bought on sale)
Pant- ASOS (Rs 1300)
Shoes- Simpark, Kolkata
Neck piece- Thrifted
Bag- Alcott (Rs 600)

The other day my colleagues were discussing how they associate people with colours. I kept wondering why had I never done that cos I would have loved to do that! I googled about it and excuse my ignorance, I had no idea synesthesia existed! (It is a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.) It's like you see colors in your mind when you think of certain people. And apparently associating emotions with colors is also a part of synesthesia. Read more about synesthetes

Have you ever associated people with colour?


  1. Love the yellow and orange together!! Very bright and vibrant!! Well, I used to love black and it still has a special place in my heart, but these days I'm just going crazy about all things bright and colorful!!

  2. I have always associated moods with colors. Not just ur regular red-black-white grey , but the whole color spectrum. Love the yellow red color blocking combo

  3. Loveeeee how you've worn yellow and red :)
    Super cool. Red is your colour, suits your brilliantly. :)


  4. very nice outfit :D
    I have yellow and red too, will try mine too the same way. Thanks for inspiration :D

  5. Wow...this is such a bright and colour happy look. I love it. Totally agree when you say 'Brighter place=Happier place'
    Have a wonderful day ahead.
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  6. I love the bright Color combination of your outfit ! The top is cool !
    Have a nice day,

  7. love the pants.. Perfect for summer wear.

  8. Such lovely pants! :)

  9. love d pants ! n d combo is nice! :)
    new post on my blog

  10. I totally agree - Colours can perk me up anyday! :D

  11. So chick..:D
    you look pretty..nice amalgamation..:)

  12. Aah! I love Summers coz of the colors too!! :D

    And those pants are fabulous! <3
    You are doing great in spite of the unwanted training schedule! ;P

  13. Colour five,girl! I don't remember when was the last time I wore an outfit without even the slightest trace of yellow/electric blue/red/pink/purple/parrot green and so on. I thought it was a phase and would pass but no,it IS me! I'm all about my neon! And my favourite poet is copper for me,my ex-boyfriend was red,my best friend was pink,my favourite book is grey and it goes on.:-)
    P.S.I don't know of any thrifted stores in Kolkata! How come once in a while you say your accessories and shoes are 'thrifted'? If they're from Kolkata,DO share the shop's address with me. Let me know on Twitter or mail me or text me. See ya soon. Love.

  14. I always love the lil stories in your post :) So warm :)
    You look amazing as ever sweetie :) Colors are just so uplifting!
    Namita <3

  15. Loved this post to the core of it:-))Such happy stories makes me wonder who creative you must be in your childhood days...Mixing two colours to make a third one instead of using the one in hand:-)))

    Yeah ..I love wearing bright happy colours always and believe thatdressing up in colourful clothing can bring us into a more positive mood!!

    Not to forget-the outfit looks amazingly cheerful and full of life,you have pulled off both the colours with great preppiness!!


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