Meeting the bloggers!

 I've always wondered what it would be like to meet another blogger in person. A little awkward, maybe? since I take a lot of time to really open up. But, meeting the Calcutta bloggers was like meeting old awkwardness at all.After days of planning and clearly bugging everyone on twitter with our long conversations, we decided to meet for lunch at Peter Cat. Four pretty Bong ladies meet on Bengali New Year :) While Ayantika of Bong's Belleza, Soumi of Sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectual-dancer and me of course, were, well..loud and talkative, our very own Anupriya of Chappals vs Stilletoes was the quintessential lady..soft spoken and talking when required. And let me tell you something, when fashion bloggers meet they just don't discuss fashion *at least we didn't* We talked about our lives, men, our favourite bloggers, went shopping together *yes, we did* and took pictures for each other. Ahh! the joy of not having to direct the photographer for a close up or to focus on the accessories...unparalleled! All in all, a fun day it was!


  1. u ladies look gorgeous and the food look yumm!!
    and its always nice to meet like minded people who share same feelings and ideas..

  2. awesome.............Sayantani....mwah mwah 3 are faster than it's my turn :D
    BTW....plz plan the second meeting ...missing you three :( :D

  3. Wish i lived in kolkata..i could have met you all:)

  4. YAY! We SO nailed it! I'm still hungover from all that girlie fun! Yeah,so true! Anu was THE lady! She almost reminded me of the perfect girls from the Austen novels.:P
    I SO can't wait to meet up again!

  5. Wow. That seems like ton of fun! :)
    Great stuff! :P

  6. All you girls look great!
    I am sure what a fun afternoon it would have been. I so wish I was in Kolkata at point of time and could have an opportunity to see you you lovely ladies:)

  7. OMG!! Girls! I'm SO not a "lady"!! That's just overdo-ing things a bit! *blush*

    But YES, we had a GREAT time indeed!! Can't wait to meet you girls AGAIN soon! What's the next plan??? :)


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