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Sometimes I wonder would I have dressed differently if I lived someplace else. It's funny how the place you live affects the way you dress! I have been wanting to walk around in a hat for so long. I mean..hello! it's summers and the sun is burning my skin. Why can't I wear a hat or a big bow hairband? And then I remind myself that I will be laughed at..laughed and stared at..wouldn't you stare at..maybe, a dinosaur if it walked past you ? That's exactly how I will be stared at and mocked. I can almost hear a kid shout, "Look mamma! That girl has gone crazy!" And for all the ignore-the-stares-and-wear-what-you-like that I keep talking about, I will never be brave enough to bear 'the stare' I just talked about.
Don't get me wrong..I love this city so much! But, Calcutta is doesn't let go of its inhibitions and holds on to its culture and that reflects in how people dress here *most..there obviously are exceptions* And that's not a bad thing. But, I guess what I'm trying to say is you won't see girls walk down the streets in maxis and jumpsuits. Hell! Coloured pants are rare!
On another note, I've started writing for Maazu. You can check my first post here

Pants-Bossini (Rs 1200-1300)
Blouse- BK Market (Rs 450)
Shoes- Simpark 
Sunnies- Friend's

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  1. Pretty tunic! Love the beautiful colour! <3

  2. loved the pairing..:) I want to get a similar blouse..btw I personally feel a solid color(may b a pastel beige) shoes would give the whole look a refreshingly soothing !

  3. Culcutta and Cochin are counterparts let me tell u, especially in dressing aesthetics...I have a hard time wearing sleeveless or upto knee length skirts in public transport...

  4. Hello Sayantani.
    Congrats on starting with Maazu. I read your first post and it's just awesome...
    Also loved your outfit here...

  5. Oohhh the top is very nice. :) Suits you well and the shoes are gorgeous.


  6. I can relate each and every word you are talking about , Sayantani !
    A blogger can feel the pain of another fellow blogger !! ;)
    ohhh....calcutta !! :( :)

    And, I love your minty fresh blouse ! Another B K Market piece :)


  7. It is definitely true that living in some place affects your style. Love the styling. The mint green colour is just so soothing!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  8. Hey I like your blouse!! Nice it is :)

    New Post is up- Everything's New: Lots of Surprises


  9. great outlook love mint trend for this summer

  10. I understand what you say as I was also in the same kind of city. But once I am away, my style has been changed with no notice and if i return to the city, I don't mind being like this. I am not much bothered about the stares and shouts like before :)

  11. Totally agree with you with Kolkata being Conservative in these prospects!!!
    Nevertheless, I love the city:)
    You look gorgeous in that blouse! Laid back yet so chic!

  12. I so much agree with you on this..Be it any city in India people just stare at you even if you are wearing a plain simple tee and jeans...I so much love your posts and you look very pretty.


  13. So true! Imagine me living in Mumbai, and yet sometimes I feel people judge too harshly!
    Best is to go on vacation somewhere and take all your favorite clothes!
    When I studied abroad in Milan for 8 months, I had the time of my life, dressing up.. And now those same clothes are just lying somewhere in my closet, waiting to be worn again!

  14. Hey pretty lady! You look gorgeous:) And I'm glad to see you've started contributing to Maazu:) :* P.S: I love anything Mint, so 2 thumbs up for this outfit!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  15. I wore a big bow hairband to college once, the boys had a field day at my expense. Never Again. What I do like is how folks in my locality do dress in maxi's and jumpsuits, and that's heartening to see. But yes, You cannot walk about in 80% of calcutta wearing those. I totally get where you're coming from with this.


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