Dress it up as a Skirt

There is something about maxi dresses and skirts that is so much fun and the print on this one makes it so gypsy-ish. This happens to be one of my overused dresses. You've seen it here before. Hence, I decided to wear it as a skirt today. Bold florals make me happy. But you know that already, don't you? I wore this to work to avoid the Sunday blues. It's amazing how dressing up can cheer you up! Try it! I added the stack of bangles and neck piece because we're doing gypsy today!

The SALE season is here! Are you ready to fight your way through for the prettiest pieces? I definitely am. In fact, I've already done my bit of shopping *most*. At the Mango store, this woman was taking a little too long to find her size of a tee. I quickly picked up my size and she gave me the how-dare-you look. She glared at me and asked me to let her choose first. But I'm quick, you know, and especially so during sales! I also managed to pick up this skirt I'd been dreaming of from Forever New. Nothing compares to getting something you're lusting for at a 50% discount! And the last piece in your size! I almost broke into a happy dance at the store. 
That reminds me I need to find something that makes me happier than shopping..something that does not involve spending money. Suggestions please? :P


  1. Love the gypsy vibe and the stack of bangles is absolute love. I have been trying to pick up similar bangles, but then seems costly........I usually shop during 1st day of sales, less people=better chances of scoring beautiful pieces...

  2. you look so cute in this attire..i specially loved the clutch ;)


  3. I just LOVE your skirt and your arm party and your necklace! Amazing outfit! :)

  4. Sayantani I love this look of your's. You have paired things gorgeously. Love it.
    That stack of bangles, makes me say woh! repeatedly. Beautiful!

  5. Loved the idea of maxi worn as a skirt.Heart that necklace :) and yeyyyy for so much shopping !:)

  6. i have to hit the stores soon!!love the look,specially the arm party you are sporting and the knot on your tee!:)

  7. I love this idea!! I went crazy at south city earlier this week. Loads of fun XD

    Psst..I think I saw you at Spencers the other day, I was in a rush so not too sure!

  8. Yes,I've seen this dress and loved it every time! Tanvii showed me first how great maxi dresses can look as skirts but the problem is most of my tops won't go with maxi dresses! They themselves need to be tucked in,most of them.:-(
    You shopped already? I gotta go this week or next week. I got no money and/or time!:-(
    The stack of bangles and clutch complement the outfit so well!

  9. I love the floral skirt
    SO pretty <3
    and you carry it off so well!

    Much Love,


  11. definitely a crazy idea. I love those colors on your maxi flushin in! :)
    Love from Bindigasm
    Facebook buddies?

  12. That stack of bangles,and the necklace is oomphing up the look.Looking so fresh.

  13. At your best once again... I love your stacked up bangles and your skirt...
    Lovely as always. :)

  14. love the look!
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