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*you could just skip this post. Late night rambling below*

Outfit posts are so much simpler than writing feelings. Daunting too..considering all the people that will read the post. As much as I love the blog, it makes me feel naked sometimes..like there is just too much of me and my life here. The truth is I like writing feelings, the little happenings in my life. I only wish I cared less about what people think when they're reading it. But I can't. That's me. I will overthink. Well yes, I have tried not overthinking. Believe me, its bloody tiring! I will think what are my colleagues are going to say if I wear that to office and are my friends going to approve if I do that and no I shouldn't tweet that  people are going to think I'm crazy. There are times I care a damn but I'm probably possessed then. Its that rare!
By the way, do you see the contradiction here? I'm telling you it scares me what people are going to say/think but I sit here writing insane late night thoughts, which I'm determined to post knowing I'll regret it tomorrow. Maybe, I am possessed.


  1. One of the drawbacks, is worrying about perceptions. For me, I am just fine with the whole world reading my thoughts, but when it comes to people I know in real life, it terrifies me. But writing your feelings is just as beautiful as any outfit post. <3

  2. solution for times like this? ice cream and masterchef..:D
    hat brilliant advice aside did i send you the photos from that day?

  3. i m sure u wont regret writing this. i began with fashion posts too.. in 2010 and ended with writing more of personal ramblings. fashion posts have become a rare item number on my blogs. and it always feels good writing abt what all is churning the brain and not letting it rest.

  4. your blog is very good and intresting! i like your outfits and you are a beautiful girl <3
    i love your hair :))


  5. Oh sweety, you aren't possessed. You're just a human being who releases her feelings onto the piece of web which is hers, and hers alone. It's normal, and it's also beautiful. There's always beauty in chaos.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]


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