A hearty affair

Find happiness in yourself. Honestly, I have no idea how you do that. But I also know that unless you're happy on your own, you can never be happy with someone else. Depending on people to make you happy, only makes it worse. I recently learnt that.
When I'm upset over something or nothing, I either make a grumpy face and say 'I'm Fine!' or I simply say 'I'm upset'. What I don't say is that I expect the other person to make me happy. Usually the other person can never make me happy and that makes me feel worse. I then go about thinking how this person is not friend enough to me. It's a cycle with me, well almost. What I and you (I'm hoping there are a few more like me) don't realise is that our friends are our friends. They're supposed to be there through good and bad. But there're not clowns to amuse or entertain us when we please. Friends will be there to cheer you up, but choosing happiness depends on you!


  1. Oh, wow that was so true. I do that too, I think almost everyone does. Happiness comes from within.

    On another note: love the chappals and the dress. I think everything looks good on you. Wow. Also the belt is ultra cool.


  2. Wow, Love the look. Especially your sandals and the belt... Red and Blue is a great combo anytime...


  3. Agree Sayantani ...friends are friends not clowns :D:D
    you look pretty in this attire :)

    Elegance Stylized Blog

  4. Hey beautiful. You are looking lovely as usual. I've always said this but you're my favourite blogger who mixes colours and prints so effortlessly.

    As for your little anecdote, amen, sister. Amen.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  5. You are absolutely right.. choosing happiness depends upon us.. bt friends just lighten the atmosphere, make us laugh (not happy) there's a difference.. if we are lucky, we would be blessed with friends who make us happy.. we are humans, we can't live alone.. so sometimes happiness depends upon others :) I can certainly say that nobody can bring me tears but they can bring me happiness! :D

    Love ur dress n bag!

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  6. Are you growing prettier day by day? The dress makes you look like one of those princesses I had always wanted to be. And where did you get that ring from? It's so pretty! And choosing happiness definitely depends upon oneself. I've a very scandalous example of that. But will tell you when we meet.:-)

  7. love the dress.the necklace is so cool!
    i love what you said..i believe we are the only one in control of our happiness and depression and depending on even your bestest best friend or family to help with either is wrong.

  8. i have no words to describe how pretty u look. may i woot a whistle ? ;)
    and ur footwear is simply adorable sweetie.

  9. Absolutely, Friends are friends :)
    The sandals are cute!

  10. here for the 1st time great blog..! :) and congratulations it feels really awsum when your hard work pays off.! :) From India

  11. Beautiful Dress ,you look gorgeous! Love the Shoes and the Clutch ♡
    follow new ,mind follow back please?


  12. pretty dress...this type of polka dress is so perfect for a weekend brunch..though for myself...i would go with sleeves!!

    yeah dear..finding happiness in oneself is very important...tok me a long time to figure out...but I did and after that finding a guy who loved me for myself wasn't a big task!!!


  13. Oooooh! You ARE actually glowing! Love EVERYTHING on you, babe!!! :))

    And yes....you have to be happy before everyone else....!

  14. There...the lines written in the smallest font---I am there! :)
    and you look lovely in navy! :)
    Love from Bindigasm

  15. totally agree on what u said ! U look so adorable in this dress !And that necklace is utterly gorgeous !

  16. This is the perfect outfit. You look so pretty, love your dress! <3


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