Durga Puja: Saptami

Sari- Byloom, Calcutta (Rs 1750), Neckpiece-Gifted, Watch-DKNY (Rs 9000), Shoes-Bought online (Rs 2000), On my lips- Colorbar hearts and tarts
My friends and I had decided to wear a sari on Saptami. But my bitches, one of whom didn't turn up, and the other ditched me and didn't wear a sari. Pujo is for dressing up so I didn't really care. The one reason I bought this sari is for the cute pom pom-like thing on it. And it does make me look so bong :) 
Calcutta never looks more beautiful than this time of the year. The vibrancy and energy of the city rubs off on you. Every small street is lit up, there are pretty pandals at every nook and corner and the roads are as crowded during the day as at night *the down side is the horrible traffic* Though I have never been big on pandal hopping. 
For me, puja has always been about family. I've spent most of my pujas at home with the immediate and extended family. I didn't think I'd get to go home this year because you know WORK! But I managed to get a three-day off and dad booked me tickets back home. I leave in an hour. Yay!

Happy Pujas/Navratra!   


  1. Wow you look so beautiful! I love this! I'm glad you were able to spend it at home this year.

  2. Hiya,

    You look to pretty, love the green.



  3. So gorgeous <3
    I bough the Hearts and Tarts lipstick recently for a classic red & I haven't used it yet! Glad to see it looks amazing :D

  4. You look gorgeous Sayantani! You wear that sari pretty well!
    Love those pom-poms too! Calcuta is such a beautiful city &
    looks even more lovely during Durga puja! Hopefully someday
    we would get to visit the city! :)


  5. You look gorgeous! Love the colours on you. Different and pretty!

  6. You look really beautiful.. the color suits you! :)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post:)

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  7. I love your saree! The tassels are really cute! <3

    Hope you had a great puja! :)

  8. i love the way you have draped it on your arm

  9. Lovely you look..Next time I will sat back for a day or two to see the pujas in Cal :)


  10. I just happened across your blog. At 1750 me thinks the sari is a total steal! totally loving it. I'm visiting Kolkata for the first time in mid nov and shall hoard up on such saris!

    Totally loving your blog-also, i have a similar watch in espirit

    follow each other?

  11. love the necklace! you look so pretty S! <3


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