December's always been a good month to me. There's love, friends and parties..lots of them! Also, the weather is so refreshing in this otherwise-humid place. This December was all about friends for me. I have been galavanting to friends' places so much so that my aunt had to remind me I have a house. Yes!
I met a friend's boyfriend of seven years and finally approved of him. I'm so happy for her *touch wood* Another friend came visiting after three long years. It was the nicest thing ever! You know, how it just never gets awkward with some people no matter how long you've been apart? Yea? That.
We, Calcutta bloggers, finally met again. But more on that in the next post. And a girl's night out! Isn't that always fun? Especially when it involves lots of drinking.
You know, sometimes there are people in our lives that have never mattered to us..not life life but in our environment and they suddenly take centre stage. Yes that!

How was your December?


  1. Fun pictures !! :D You look so happy in all of them :D

  2. All pictures are fun and you are looking fab in all of those. Can't wait to see the blogger's meet post (:

    Bong's Belleza

  3. my december is surrounded by lots of food... u r lucky u arent in gujarat.. having a girls night out and that too drinking is so much seen as a taboo here! we always get thru the loopholes though :P
    that orange dress looks pretty on u .

  4. great photos!!!!i got called a vagabond by my cousin the other day..well i am blissfully trapped in the house now

  5. I always thought you were the cutest little thing ever! I never knew you could look this hawwwwwtttt,even if you drowse yourself into red lip colour. :-P

  6. Nice pictures!!I love your glasses and the orange dress!!Want a similar pair of glasses too!!

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  7. Lovely to know you had great fun in Dec. I too explored different things this time- places/food and job too! :p

  8. Oh!! We had a fun, fun day for sure!! TWO fun days, in fact! You girls made my December awesome! <3

  9. You're so pretty, lady! Look at you! I can't even...

    Love, Miffalicious. []


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