Some leather, please?

I have never been a leather person. Until this year, I didn't own anything leather. But leather is really beginning to grow on me.
Badass isn't me..but sometimes its nice to try something outside your comfort zone. Fashion really isn't as interesting if you can't have fun with it, innit?
Leather jackets are more versatile than most of us would like to believe. Throw in a leather jacket and a pair of boots to tone down the girliness of a floral dress or wear it the typically biker chic way with some red lips! Wear it with a maxi skirt/dress, minis and even high-waisted shorts with stockings! Experiment!
I decided to wear mine with neon because you know I cannot do without colours in my life!

Jacket: Vero Moda (Rs 3250), Top: Promod (Rs 700 on sale), Jeans: Bossini (Rs 1300), Belt/Bag: BK Market (Rs 250, Rs 850), Shoes: Simpark (Rs 1100), painted by sister


  1. you look so chic :) And , thumbs up for that heel once again. It is my favorite :)

  2. My oh my, look at those shoes <3 Love the outfit, the leather adds a toughness to it as a whole :D

  3. trust me ur neon look looks far far more better than a skirt of shorts !! fab!

  4. Leather and neon? What an amazing combo! You look like a fashion gangsta! Love love the look!

  5. Neon looks great! And jackets.. well I never thought about them. But I see I should now.

  6. I love your shoes. Love love love. You should do a DIY post on it, missie!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  7. i Love this outfit..i have seen the jacket in VM but i wasn't shopping then..

  8. That jacket looks awesomely badass!! I am not much of a leather person too...but then, looks like I should get a jacket soon! And the neon + leather pairing is just so chic!

    Of course, just don't get me started on those shoes!!!!! <3

  9. Who traded her floral print hairclips for a desi Angelina Jolie? You look yummy(all the pun intended)!

  10. Woah ! love the outfit so much. I love leather clothing. :D
    xoxo <3

  11. hey sayantani,
    your blog is just fab, I luv ur outfits n I cud very much relate to ur style!
    I just came across your blog and almost read all the popular posts till date of yours(your profile views wud have incerased :p)
    anyways your first few posts were also quite interesting, the writings and everything :)
    keep going :)

  12. Fantastic shoes :) I am already following your blog :)

  13. wow this looks really hot! :D
    LOVE the bright YELLOW SHOES! :)

  14. you look so chic :) And , thumbs up for that heel once again.That jacket looks awesomely badass!! I am not much of a leather person too..

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