One Skirt: 5 Ways (Look 2)

Back in school, we made pinky promises to stick together through life, go to the same college, work and then get married in the same city. But as life would have it..not all of them stick by you..some leave your life for good. Letting go is never easy, but we eventually learn to let go. Only a handful stay and you end up going to different colleges, work in different cities and get married in different continents may be. But meeting them even after years or even when you haven't spoken to them in ages, never gets awkward. It's always as much fun! It's because they are family you choose for yourself.

The Rouge..yet another cupcake place. The special Rouge red velvet cupcake is delish!

Skirt and bag: Koovs
Top: Promod (bought on sale)
Shoes: Globus (Rs 650 on sale)
Ring: Globus (Rs 399)

See Look 1 here


  1. So pretttttty :D
    And I completely agree. I don't think it'll ever get awkward with school friends.

    Absolutely love the stripes on you again. Also, such a pretty place. Amazing picture, that first one. With the mirrors and all, it just adds to the amazingness of the picture.


  2. Aww, I love friends like that. These pictures are gorgeous. Love the stripes!

  3. True! Friends with whom you can pick up right where you left off are the best kind of friend! Love the third pic:) pretty!

  4. oh this look is also cute :)

  5. Love it. Excited to see the other looks too :)

    Giving away an emerald green clutch on my blog :)

  6. You make me want to do my own one thing 5 ways... absolutey adore the outfit!

  7. The more I'm seeing this skirt of yours, the more I'm falling in love with it! <3

    And your pics remind me that I HAVE TO visit Rouge super-soon! The red velvet cupcakes will pay me visits in my dreams now..... *sigh*


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