It took me a meeting with these two pretty women to start blogging again. An unintended two-month break. I'd like to believe I was missed.

So HELLO there and hello to Spring! Not that we do have Spring here, it is warmer than it should be allowed in March. But well, I'd choose the sun and my dresses and skirts over blankets of woolens anyday. So expect to see a lot of forals and a lot lot more of them, stripes, neon, whites and lace. How I love summer! *minus the humidity and the scorching heat*

You know how everything not on sale is pretty during the sale season? Yea, this was one of those buys. But I couldn't leave behind a tribal print dress, could I? And I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable it is. Style and comfort together doesn't really happen a lot, so broke as I was, I bought it.

Mrs Magpie is the cutest little cupcake place in Calcutta with the bestest cupcakes. The marshmallow cupcake is a must must must! So while Anu and me gorged on cupcakes and chocolate milkshakes, Soumi, our new health freak, had a coleslaw sandwich and green tea..at a cupcake place! And she also happened to think there was something wrong with my huge appetite!

Dress-Westside, Shoes-Globus (Rs 650 on sale), Bag- BK Market (Rs 600), 
Ring and neckpiece- some exhibition


  1. You look lovely!! That dress is too pretty! I love ur styling as usual and the cupcake shop is just the right background too:-)

  2. Gonna visit this place right away....I love cupcakes!

  3. Yay!!! We should meet up more often, just so that you put up regular posts here!!! ;)

    And yes.....I still don't believe Soumi didn't have even ONE BITE of a cupcake! *rolling eyes* Weirdo!!!

  4. Love your dress Sayanti !! You gals look so happy and pretty :)

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  5. Meeting you (and trying to be all touchy-feely for a change) was so much fun! Nonetheless,you WERE missed,babe. And the break seems to have done you some good because you're back with a bang! This one is one of your wittiest posts ever since I started reading you! I hate you for picking summer over the cosy winter though. And,I believe I told you how much I adored your bag(at Anu's place) and neckpiece. Keep blogging because you're good at it,trust me. See you soon. Love.

  6. Just found your blog dear. This outfit is really nice!! Love that dress!

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    Hope you can partecipate, I will be so grateful!

  7. you were missed dear..kept coming back here lotsa time and what a comeback...u look pretty pretty pretty!!.....
    yeah all things lovely are NOT on Sale....and the two ladies are totally lovely and dear!!


  8. ah finally you are back on blogger..do not stop again!i have discovered so many lovely places to shop from you and anu..love west side,i find hidden gems there every time i go there..you looked awesome

  9. I'm in love with your dress and accessories!!! The cupcakes look so yumm! I'll make a point to have these amazing cupcakes when I hopefully go to Kol :)


  10. WOW! The place looks cute..lovely dress <3
    When are we catching up?


  11. very pretty dresss! :)
    the place looks lovely! i plan on visiting soon and marshmallow cupcake is on my "to eat" list! :P


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