Hello Monsoon!

Maxis are best avoided during monsoons. Well, yes if you have to wade through water. Lucky for me, I live in a part of Calcutta that doesn't quite flood. Also, no season could keep me away from my maxis! There is really nothing as comfortably stylish than maxis. They're good friends during PMS days too. Tell me this does not sound like an advertisement?

I wore the dress with a striped tee to make it a office-friendly. Layering is a saviour. And can you see my big bow rubber slippers peek out of the dress? Whoever said monsoon shoes were boring must come shopping with me next time! So, hello monsoons! *a late hello since it's been here a while*

Maxi Dress: Sher Singh
Tee / Neckpiece: Latin Quarters
Shoes: BK Market
Bag: Janpath, Delhi
On my lips: Revlon Love That Red


  1. wish I could say hello monsoon!! too...its humid n cloudy with spot of rains...darn irritable weather in delhi i tell you!!

    you look so pretty in this outfit(well u always do but thats another thing!!)....love the layering idea!!!


  2. Love this outfit of yours ! Stunner !!

  3. Love your blog and this look! This maxi skirt is adorable!
    <3 following you :)

    Best Regards

  4. Thats a comfortable and stylish look, Sayantani :)


  5. Knowing how to dress for each ocassion is a must these days!! Good Outfit


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