Denim Obsession

I've never been a denim person. But I'm kinda obsessing them now. Denim on denim never gets old and I've added hints of pink and ruby. Ruby lips is a must for fall, innit? 

Earrings: Exhibition in Chennai
Shirt: BK Market, Calcutta
Neck piece: Westside
Bag: C/O Kazo
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Koovs
Ring: Globus


  1. Beautiful as ever! There is a unique character in your photos that I really love...
    Love the look and the pink accents..that bag is awesome:-)))

  2. loved the graffitti :) besides that I am on hunt for denim shirt and not able to find it yet of my size :(
    Denims are simply chic I believe :) lovely OOTDs

  3. Hints of pink are enhancing the denim on denim style.
    I am personally a Denim lover.

  4. Love the denim on denim! You worked the look very well with the colours fusing perfectly. The hair is so good. Love it!


  5. you look gorgeous.. :) love your specs ...

  6. My girliiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!! LOVE the photos! Love you!!!!!!! <3
    Ok...the denim on denim is SO well-done! Specially with the pink accents! I have the same ring too! *same pinch* must tell me where you got the watch from....I was going to buy a similar on online a few months back...need to compare prices! ;)

  7. Absolutelt stunning look. Pretty enough !!!

  8. I have the same ring! *Same pinch*
    And,I share a love hate relationship with denim. Love them for a while,absolutely don't touch them then,only to pick'em up again and wear to death.

  9. I loved your ear ring <3 you look stunning :)

  10. Loved the look and the pictures ..!! Well you know what ..You've got a new follower and it's a coincidence that I'm also Sayantani and from Kolkata too :P


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