DIY: Tassel Earrings

What you need:

Instead of the book, you could also use store membership cards. I used the book because I like my tassels long.

1. Wrap thread around the book depending on how thick you want your tassel to be.

2. Next, cut a strand of the same thread and insert it on top like shown in the picture and tie it lightly. Now carefully pull out the wrapped threads from the book. Once out, tie it with the thread strand tightly.

3. If you have someone to hold the tassel for you, you could ask them to hold the front end of the tassel so that you can cut the opposite end of the tassel to free it from the book and then proceed to tie it with the thread strand tightly as mentioned above. If you are doing it alone, I recommend you cut the end of the tassel later.

Either way this is how it will look. Do not freak out if the threads are curling up like mine. We have a solution for that.

4. Since I didn't have anyone helping me hold the tassel, I cut the opposite end of the tassel only after securing the front with a jump ring and an earring hook. Secure the tassel with a jump ring and earring hook right where you tied a knot with the thread strand.

5. Next, take the same thread or another colour embroidery thread and wrap it around the tassel bundle approximately 1/2" or 1/4" from the top. Make sure it is tight enough and stays put.

6. Now to make the tassel earrings wearable. Comb out the tassel and use a hair straightener to iron it out. Tassel earrings are difficult to maintain so every time they look a little crumpled, all you have to do is iron it out.

7. Next, cut the rough edges and you're done!

Easy peasy, isn't it?

 And TADA!


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  2. wow!!.. amazing ... :)
    I am so tempted to try this out..
    I cannot wait to see how you style this earrings..
    A query - where from I can buy a jump ring and earring hook in kolkata ??

  3. I would try to make this. You look so bacha bacha making faces like that. :P

  4. This is so cool! I'm definitely trying it out this weekend :O

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