No more rainbow

 I like routine. I like stability. I like my comfort zone. Changes, good or bad, make me uneasy. It's stressful and my emotions are always all over the place. I don't know how I turned out like this even though in a way, I have always been moving.

College is over and so are my Chennai days. I am now a post graduate  with a new job in Bangalore so yay to that! I'm still absorbing all the newness and trying to settle in. Did I mention what a big pain house hunting is? Every time a landlord said, "This is a decent society," I wanted to ask him the definition of decent. One of them even mentioned 'no hanky-panky' or he'd throw us out. And yes, he said hanky-panky. But I'm past all that now and have a roof over my head so I can now turn my attention to the blog.

These pictures were taken sometime in January or February. I think I'm growing out of my rainbow phase. Less colours, you see! I've been moving away from colours though not completely. The laptop bag from Chumbak adds the right amount of colour to this monochrome outfit. Also, I'm considering wearing all my dresses with brougues or sneakers. Sporty chic seems to be winning over girly girl lately. Was I telling you I don't like changes? Haha. Changes in fashion are welcome, I guess. I threw in the kimono to add some fun to the outfit. A fun kimono that hides my flabs too. What a buy, don't you think?

Dress: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Brogues: Forever 21
Kimono: Fast Fashion, Chennai
Laptop Bag: Chumbak
Backpack: Gifted


  1. Wow, houseowner actually said that :O

    You have to tell me where you find these dresses in Commercial!
    All the best of luck for your new phase!:)

  2. I am totally digging the brogues/canvas shoes with dresses look too! You look rad! Can't wait to see you! :*

  3. This look is so fab, chic comfortable to the core..
    About brogues from forever21 - did you buy them online ??

  4. I love this outfit, you look so happy!


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