I didn't grow up wanting to try mum's lipsticks (that's mostly because she doesn't own any lipsticks. It's good ol' Boroline for her) and lived in boy's clothes and had 'boy's cut hair' for the longest time. There's even a picture of my brother and I in every relative's house where I look like an awkward boy and he has a little too much Vaseline smeared on his lips looking way more feminine than I ever did. I think mum just found it easier to dress me up like my brother. I wasn't really a tomboy but I definitely looked the part.

So fashion didn't catch my fancy very early in life. I grew up in the 90's but remember very little of the 90's greatest trends. My earliest memory of trying to take the fashion route is the hideous bell bottoms I wore during my 9th and 10th standard, so much so that no matter how many times the 70's come back into fashion, I won't be caught dead in bell bottoms ever again. 

I think all the childhood androgynous dressing scarred me enough to make me the girliest girl alive. You know the pink obsessed, skirt and dress loving girl. I swear I owned just one pair of denims during that phase. Over the years, I went from short weird hair to curly frizzy hair to poker straight hair to curly-haired goddess (by which I mostly mean I've learnt how to handle curly hair) and with that my style evolved too. Thank the universe! I'm glad my personal style doesn't fit just one label now. 

I wore this outfit to the Bluestone event. I love how bohemian this outfit is. Kaftaans are God-sent and I've been asked to avoid this beautiful piece of clothing because it makes me look plump. I wear them anyway. Being plump/healthy/fat is certainly not good enough reason to stop wearing something I love! 
Dress: Old Navy via Brigade Road, Bangalore
Gladiators: Forever 21, Hyderabad
Neckpiece: Exhibition in Calcutta


  1. I was very much the same growing up. I wasn't a super girly girl who loved fashion and things like that. It has certainly changed! You look gorgeous in this outfit. I absolutely love the sandals.

  2. Love how dreamy this outfit makes you look!


  3. Looking fablous with your outfit mostly with your necklace and your boot style.

  4. OMG! This outfit is so, so cute!
    And the shoes!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Looking gorgeous in simple classy short dress


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