Beach Bum

"She loved the sea.

She liked the sharp 
salty smell of the air,
and the vastness 
of the horizons
bounded only by a vault
of azure sky above.

It made her feel small,
but free as well."

-George R.R. Martin

I am just back from the most amazing mini vacation to Pondicherry. These pictures were taken on the last day of our trip at Serenity Beach. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the beach earlier because it was beautiful. Also, clean and quiet for a Saturday! Someday I am going to live by a beach. Someday someday!

I chose to wear my lightest pair of shorts with an loosely fit top as we ended up going to the beach at almost noon. This pair of Woodgeek bamboo sunnies were my saviour from the sun the entire trip. I was so bored with the regular sunglasses you see on everyone these days that I had to buy these when I saw them on the website. What's more is that the sunnies come in an extremely cool bamboo box! More about that soon on the blog. Until then, go get yourself a pair right now.

Sunglasses: Woodgeek
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Westside


  1. The Shorts are super cute :)
    What a fantastic Place, you had a great Time there!


  2. Those sunnies are da bomb!! I want one too! <3

    Also, you better take a Pondi trip with me too. Soon.

  3. Anyone who goes to that beach will become a beach bum... if that is Paradise beach, its just awesome fun(:


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