Waddle not, dear women!

Carrie Bradshaw effortlessly walked around New York and even visited the countryside with Aidan in high heels. I grew up coveting all her Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos. If I have a shoe problem today, I blame it on Miss Bradshaw.

But it wasn't just Bradshaw, magazines had articles on 'Must-have Shoes', mostly comprising sky-high heels I probably had to sell my kidneys to own. Movies had women run and dance in heels without any difficulty. To my impressionable teenage mind, loving fashion also became about obsessing over heels.

And obsess over them I did until I realised I didn't have enough flats, shoes I actually wear. I greedily and impulsively bought too many beautiful beautiful pairs of heels I wore once in two months for not more than 2 hours. And oh how I tried to perfect that walk! Well, I ended up looking mostly like a frog. Though I may not totter around as much anymore, it takes two hours for the heels to leave my feet and reach my hands.

I finally decided to end my impossible love affair with heels. It just wasn't worth the pain and money! Having said that, I still wear some of the less painful ones once in a while. They do give the illusion of long legs after all! But I do not let anyone dictate the rules of fashion for me anymore.

So dear women, strut along in those heels knowing that I am jealous if you can walk in them. But please please do not waddle in them. Your discomfort shows on your face and it spoils your entire outfit. And if you must, find the more wearable kind - wedges, platforms, flatforms and what not!

I put together this outfit because it looks like 'no pants season' is here to stay. The heat even in a place like Bangalore is unbearable but my uber-cool bamboo sunnies with UV protection from Woodgeek Store is helping me stay cool.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Woodgeek Store
Neckpiece: Gifted by Anupriya
Bag: Borrowed from Anupriya of Styleprism

Photography: Styleprism


  1. Oh gosh...I definitely relate to this post. I have so many heels. And I wear them once every few weeks. For a couple of hours. The shoes I wear most? Flats! Love this outfit. You look gorgeous. (And I love the shoes)

  2. You should definitely wear more flats!!! And those pouty pics are so, so cute!! :*


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