Workwear to rid you off the Monday Blues

Mondays are the worst. A rare few go unaffected by the doldrums of Monday! I am not one of them.  I happen to be part of the majority that loathe waking up on Monday mornings and letting another week commence. For as long as I can remember, I have felt the same about Mondays. As if it wasn't enough to go back to class after a day of Funday, Mondays were assembly and porridge days and three hour classes of one boring teacher. Mondays are scarred in my memory ever since.

So when you have such a long history of hatred for Mondays, you find ways to make it fun. While it may be impossible to predict your boss' mood, you can always fight those Monday blues with your outfit. As the internet tells me, 'Stressed, depressed but always well dressed.' People underestimate the power of dressing up.

Mondays are for dressing to the T. Colourblocking may have seen its day and let monochrome take its place, but the good thing about fashion is nothing is ever really gone and there really are no rules to follow. You wear what you want, in trend or not.

This Monday I chose my oversized, almost-formal, inexpensive pink pants (I bought them for Rs 100. I know. Envy me!) and paired it with a blue ikat blazer. Nothing like bright colours to cheer me up!

White Shirt: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Pink Pants: Street shop, Koramangala, Bangalore
Blazer: Custom made
Shoes: Forever 21


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