A Cape Story

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love fashion and those who couldn't care less about it. I obviously belong to the first category and like every fashion girl, my life is filled with non-fashion people. Brothers who do not get what a clutch is. Isn't that supposed to be in a car? Relatives who worry that I like my 'nightie' so much that I wear it outside and call it a maxi dress. Strangers who call me a garden because too much floral. Colleagues who call me Krish or Batman or *insert a superhero name here* because I'm wearing a cape. Wait! Can you fly in that? I wish.

I love capes even though they don't make a superhero out of me.I settle with the drama they add to my outfit. A little drama in life and clothes spices things up.

It is the perfect style addition, their superpower being to un-blah an outfit. This wonderful piece of clothing also does not give a rat's ass about seasons. Such blasphemy in fashion, no? No. Capes are the perfect all-year-round piece. This cape is perfect for summer and fall. It works great as a transition piece. These pictures were taken in January. You see the versatility?

I love the drapes in this cape and did not want to take attention away from it. So I wore it with a fitted denim dress, polka dotted socks and sneakers. These pictures were taken at Sunday Soul Sante in January where I was helping the Woodgeek store people with their stall. For all those who don't know, Sunday Soul Sante is a flea market that takes place in Bangalore twice a year. It is one Sunday of shopping, food and music. I hadn't shared these pictures because the quality isn't great. But here I am de-cluttering my drafts.

Tell me how would you have styled this cape?

Dress & Socks: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Cape: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Shoes: Vans via Myntra


  1. I wish I could be as brave as you when it comes to fashion. Maybe some of it has to do with my own existing insecurities with my body. Love the way you carry off statement pieces with panache. If I were to wear a cape, my sister would ask me why was I wearing a curtain?! It took me two whole years to even try on a maxi dress. Sigh. Good look on you though!

    1. You should Sanchari. Turn a deaf ear to what people have to say and wear what you want. I know it's easier said than done! But you must!

  2. I love this cape of yours!! Don't know how you found this gem in Brigade!

    1. Hahah I don't know! My bio says brilliant street/sale shopper though.


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