Tulle-ing Around

If I could go back in time, I'd wear tulle on my 16th birthday party and dance with my crush. Just like in the movies. Instead I have no memory of my 16th birthday. But I guess I was cutting a cake in my school uniform at boarding school.

My love for tulle started long after my 16th, precisely when I saw Miss Bradshaw wear it in the title track of Sex and the City. Miss 30-something Bradshaw walked around New York in her tulle skirt looking like a little ballet dancer. While she may be the reason behind my unhealthy love for heels, Miss Bradshaw also gave me the confidence to wear tulle way past my 16th. 

So here I am refusing to adult in my tulle. I've put together two looks with a tulle dress I picked up from Commercial Street, Bangalore two years ago.

The first look is me refusing to 'dress my age'. I love pink frilly socks and Disney tees and tulle. My age won't define what I wear. 

I've kept it slightly edgy in the second look with an oversized denim jacket and boots, but I refuse to let go of my frilly socks. I've created this look for days I want to downplay the girly and still wear tulle and in my attempt to look edgy, I also look like I could kill someone in the next picture. But trust me, I'm a harmless little thing!

Here are both the looks put together. Which one do you like more?

Photo Credits: KS Lenscapes

Tulle Dress: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Donald Duck Tee: BK Market, Calcutta
Heels: Charles & Keith
Oversized Denim Jacket: Gifted
Boots: Tibet Mall, Bangalore
Socks: Forever 21


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