A Kurta & A Dress

Birthdays were the one day I waited around for as a kid. It was the day I got to meet my parents, wear a pretty dress while everyone around me was in their uniform *boarding school problems* and cut a huge cake.  It was a norm to carry chocolates around and distribute it to everybody. Even girls who didn't like you swarmed around you for extra chocolates. You got to pick who the lucky ones with extra chocolates would be. Life was perfect even in boarding school for a day and no one worried about ageing. 

Birthdays stopped exciting me when ageing started scaring me. Everybody in their late 20's were 'big people' until I became one of the 'big people' and still didn't feel anything like it. I'm stuck at 15, I swear! My childhood friend had asked me to get her a Louis Vuitton bag for her wedding because obviously we'd be millionaires by the time she got married. She's getting married this December and I'm not going to sell my kidneys to get her a bag.  

Ageing scares us because we're conditioned to it. We're told everything has an age limit. Studies. Marriage. Kids. Everything. So we grow up imagining life would be a certain way at a certain age and when that does not happen, it scares us. I grew up thinking I'd be settled in a job I would love by 25, be married to my first boyfriend at 26 and have kids by 30. 

The younger me would get a heart attack if she knew that I'd still be figuring it out past my 25th. I wish someone had told me that you never have it all figured out. Life never turns out the way you expected it to. Sometimes its better, sometimes its worse than you could ever imagine. Age really is just a number and not a restriction to do or not to do something.

There are moments I still go 'Oh my God! I'm getting old!' but mostly I'm glad to crossed the age of saying OMG instead of Oh my God, of uncertain teenage years, of bad fashion sense and of worrying about everybody's opinion. The one thing age does is help you grow into yourself  and I wouldn't go back for anything in the world. I'm lying. I'd go back and do a few things differently. Haha!

I like birthdays, other people's more than mine, because you eat more cake on their birthdays than on yours. In case you were wondering, my birthday was on 2nd October.

I wore this outfit for a lunch date with some friends. Everything I'm wearing here was a gift, the shoes from me to me. See! Another reason to like birthdays!

Kurta worn as a dress: Westside (gifted)
Scarf: Nepal (gifted)
Shoes: Westside


  1. You grow prettier day by day :)
    And the shoes as a gift from you to you, I know exactly how good that feels!
    Happy Birthday :)

  2. I would love to see you style this dress in various ways!!

  3. This kurta is beautiful and you are looking gorgeous in it !


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