White? For Summer? Groundbreaking!

How to wear a white dress for summer - Live Laugh Dressup

How to wear white in summer - Live Laugh Dressup

Indian Summer Fashion - Live Laugh Dressup

How to wear white in summer - Indian Fashion Blog - Live Laugh Dressup

If Miranda Priestly wasn't a fictional character, she'd probably say, "White? For summer? Groundbreaking!" Every time I wear a floral print in spring, I can hear her judge me.

So white may not be groundbreaking for summer, but it is definitely the most refreshing. I don't know about you, but I find comfort in whites and pastels in summer and gravitate towards darker and earthier tones for fall-winter. Let's not get caught up in this craze to be 'different', okay? Enjoy the simple things. Like this khadi white shirt dress from Lata Sita in summer.

I met Meghna of Lata Sita at an Artists' Collective that Woodgeek was a part of. I creepily watched her set up her stall thinking about all the garments that I wanted. When I did manage to talk to her, I was amazed at the work she does. Every garment from Lata Sita has a story of its own. Meghna  preserves material and memories by sourcing unused heirloom sarees lying dormant in women's wardrobes to create stunning and innovative clothes for all body types that are always ethically produced - a cape made from an old but never worn saree from the wardrobe of a lady in the city, a t-shirt made out of sarees used in Durga Puja and Kali Puja pandals! If you live in Calcutta, you can give her an old saree from your mother's wardrobe and she will upcycle it into something beautiful. Get in touch with Meghna on her LataSita facebook page.

I wore this dress when I was playing guide to a few friends visiting Calcutta. There really is nothing better than khadi for the Indian summer. *I feel you, Gandhi* I paired the dress with my most trusted jootis and my favourite Woodgeek Store bamboo sunglasses. As clearly seen in the pictures, I had to keep switching to my glasses to see the world a little clearer.

Khadi Dress - Lata Sita
Bag- Gifted from Rajasthan
Bamboo Sunglasses - Woodgeek Store
Black Jootis - Street Shopping, Hyderabad


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