Live Laugh Dressup is a fashion and lifestyle blog started in 2011 by Sayantani. Fresh out of college and trying to figure life out, this blog started more as a personal diary. Over the years, it has evolved to become a blog with style inspirations, easy-peasy DIYs, brand features, secret shopping corners to be discovered for a girl on a budget and stories about life. The blog is currently based out of Kolkata, India.

The 'Live' in the blog name signifies the little stories about life in every post, the 'Laugh' my funny take on life and 'Dressup' my obsession with clothes and shoes. Here's hoping to inspire women to fight their insecurities as I fight mine, wear what they want and how they want, worry less about that double chin forming and build a community of women always ready to help one another. Let's make the Internet a better place!

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Reading!

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