For Keeps!

Bag- Bangkok  Tunic- Fashion and You  Leggings- 109 F  Shoes- Crocs  Anklet- Local Shop

I'm back to my pg! All alone..since my pg mate is down with chicken pox and she's gone home leaving me all alone here :( 
I was at a friend's place the last 4 days and it was so much fun. There was no one at her place so we had to cook our own food, sweep, mop, do the dishes. Fiona made the egg, Debo the rice and I made papad in the microwave *yes, I'm that good at cooking* 
We stayed up till 6:30 in the morning talking about the same old stuff, letting out secrets, sharing problems and just talking, you know. 
We traveled an hour to get to the other part of the city just to watch 'Rockstar' *cheap tickets*..watched Big Boss (Indian version of Big Brother) every night and laughed our ass off watching Puja Mishra.

It's always nice catching up with people who've grown up with.  
Life changes so much once you start no more have all the world's time for friends, for yourself. 
You can't bunk work like you bunked college. Oh, the vast difference between bunking work and college! *sigh* And I thought nothing could get worse than maintaining that 75% attendance in college. 
Life definitely doesn't get easier.
I guess, you just have to work your way around though..find a way to still do the things you want to.
In a world that's constantly changing, there are only a few things that are for keeps. And my girls top the list there. 
They keep me sane when everything and everyone around me is going crazy! 
And I'd like to believe I do the same for them :)


  1. Love the beautiful colors in your dress!

  2. lovely colors and I love that bag, so pretty.


    PS: Giveaway on my blog

  3. What a pretty dress - love the bold colors!

  4. It really is great catching up with important people! I'm glad it went well!

  5. Look at you.. so bright and colorful! Nice top! :)
    Yes.. friends always keep us sane, when the whole word is going crazy!

  6. I love that bright colored top on you. It's so pretty. Keep up the good work you have a great blog :)


  7. Really like your top. So bright! You know I've been watching Bigg Boss too. Pooja Missra is so entertaining that she's making this -5 degree weather bearable for me! Haha!


  8. LOVING ur colourful top :)
    totally the right way of wearing leggings :)


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