Let's be grateful

Sometimes there is nothing perfect about our lives but there's also nothing imperfect about it. It is probably 'just fine.' That is how my life was yesterday and suddenly..at the spur of a moment, things changed. I feel like I have lived half my life in just one day. However, things are under control now :)

But like every experience in life, this too has taught me something. 
  • I will now be more grateful for everything and every person in my life instead of just asking for more and cribbing about my imperfect life.
  •  Oh yes! I do believe in destiny and luck now. 
  • It is important to be strong for others sometimes.

This is what I'd worn for a breakfast with friends recently, which you already know about if you are on my twitter. A picture of the yummy food (parts of it) here

A not-so-nice close up for the neckpiece

Christmas is almost here and blogosphere seems all prepared for it. All I want to do this Christmas is go to a church and thank God for everything! *I don't do that a lot*

What are your plans this Christmas?


  1. that sounds like a really good christmas plan - it's so easy to get caught up in the commercialism and forget what the season is about.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. That is such a wonderful attitude to have. It is really easy to complain about things instead of being positive and seeing how wonderful things can be. Love this outfit by the way! Beautiful colours!

  3. Life always teaches us lessons in its own different ways :)
    Anyways, i loved the print of your maxi dress :) and that neck piece is lovely too :)

  4. Nice dress :)
    New post~ Christmas Nails: DIY
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  5. love your dress!

    xo Nav

  6. Nice dress!! And a very very chic and cute blog specially the new layout!! <3<3 I love reading your blog and i already follow you..

    It would mean a lot to me if you check out my blog too!! And if you find it even a little interesting then please follow me.

    P.S. --- Waiting eagerly for your next post.

    Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]


  7. That's a very pretty dress! Love how the nails match, too.


  8. I really loved your outfit on Stylepile and now I am in love with your Neckpeice..it's gorgeous and the close-up pic is just perfect...so natural!!
    Leaving with lots of positivity...Merry Christmas
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  9. *Whistling* ... Love your outfit!

  10. You look great. I love the prints and colours on the maxi dress.


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