Happiness is 'really' a choice

Pants/Top- Promod (Rs 1700/ Rs 750)
Neckpiece- Latin Quarters (Rs 350)
Ring- Flea Market
Loafers- Lady Gaga (Rs 600)

Have you ever met a person you could pour your heart to in just your first few meets? That is the kind of person I met yesterday. We are members of the same Buddhist organization and I've met so many different kinds of people in the organization..and though there is a little something to learn from everybody, no one has inspired me as much as she has.

My conversation with her made me realize that happiness really is a choice. But, how many of us really do believe it? Don't we all get sad when things don't go our way? And don't we all end up linking our happiness to other people?

But what we don't realize is 'hope and joy aren't things you wait around for someone else to give you.'  Basing your happiness on someone else only makes you needy. When a relationship goes sour..with a friend or lover, it is always easy to blame the other person. But we can't really clap with one hand, right? We need to stop crying over it and blaming the other person for it and take responsibility of our own action. You can't change the world, but you sure can change yourself and your environment will respond accordingly to you.

Know your vices and change them and be sure not to make the same mistakes in your next relationship. Don't compare your life with anyone else's. Your life will move forward at its own pace. Don't be jealous of others achievements. Be happy for them and appreciate their achievements. Jealously takes you nowhere. Be positive and comfortable in your own skin. Be secure being you cos as they say, you are best at being you. Also, know your strengths. 'One's uniqueness can be a source of strength'-Dr Mary Catherine Bateson. 

Learn to love yourself. Only then can you be truly happy and can someone really love you.

'In life, there are also rainy days, cloudy days and stormy days. No matter what happens, however, it is important that you continue shining brightly as suns of happiness.'- Daisaku Ikeda 


  1. How easily can ONE forget?. In a moments anger, I would always end up not following even one of the above rules. May be when I am calm after the tornado, I realize I may have be wrong, but by then it would be too late:From experience

  2. wow! a happy spirit is talking today! cheers to life sayantani :)

  3. Brilliantly worded!
    Totally agree with you, and I am yet to meet such a person for myself!
    You look great though! like the bag:-)


  4. Very insightful post. loved ur accessories ...

  5. Wow! Knowing people can be really interesting,to say the least! Never took you to be much of a spiritual person,really. I read a few Buddhism-inspired writings here and there and found inspirational words but was never motivated enough to join the organization. I've always had this uneasy relationship with God in any form,for various reasons. Will write about it someday. Where do you go to anyway? And where did you get the bag? So 'Gossip Girl'! Love it!

  6. I was feeling a lil low, and this post of yours is such a relief :) I second every word :) Awesome! :)
    And you look so absolutely wonderful :* :)

    Namita <3

  7. I one hundred percent agree. I always believe that your happiness is in your hands. No one can take that from you.

    very well said. And yes you also look good, love colour blocking :)


  8. ohh mustard pants.. Lovely <3

    New post is up


  9. Loving the combination on you! I always look like a teapot in something like that hehehe

  10. Cute outfit! and great quote. Learning to being happy starts with changing out mindset. You have a lovely blog :)

  11. That is so wonderful to read! It is truly amazing when you meet someone like that. I love the post of this title as well as your outfit!

  12. Learn to love oneself....wish it were as simple as it sounds..:-)
    Beautiful post tho..

  13. Love ur expression 'hope and joy aren't things you wait around for someone else to give you.'
    And absolutely love this mustard pair of pants!! I am looking to buy some deep tones pants/jeans myself..Great post!
    Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon!
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  14. indeed a self-grooming post!
    lovely post! :)


  15. Hi! Great to see another fashion blogger from Kolkata!! We should meet up soon! :)

    Thnaks for dropping by on my blog....have mailed you the details of the store.

    P.S.: Am following you!!! :))

  16. Yout Outfit looks stunning! I love the combination of the colours! The pants are really great!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  17. ah, you're so beautiful my dear
    mind to follow each other my dear? ^^


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  19. love ur outfit totally....but specially the neckpeice and loafers <3

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    hope you will accept <3 :)

  20. cute style ! your page is cute!


  21. Love your comfy and chic outfit...Happy to know that you also follow and practice Daisaku Ikeda :)

    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  22. love your style! definitely following. hope you'll come check out my blog:



  23. I totally agree with you on this post. I am also an avid reader of Buddhist philosophy and can totally understand your point of view.
    The addition of that necklace and cute bag is really a good idea. You are looking good !

  24. You are looking sooo cute here. Love the outfit! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  25. Clicked on this because of the title.
    Happiness is a choice.....no doubt.

  26. Nice pants! very stylish look for a day out.

    I hear levi’s has come up with a WaterLess jeans initiative which uses very little water to make the jeans. Any one got more info?

  27. Just found out that jeans don’t need to washed that frequently after all! So the next time someone gives you grief over your dirty jeans, you know what to say!!!

  28. I like the pants that you are wearing. I have heard that levi’s has come up with new initiative. I was reading about the same in an article. I am sharing the link here: http://www.firstpost.com/topic/event/world-water-day-in-celebration-of-world-water-day-the-leviaposs-image-02cdebx1oo2oF-86814-1.html. I feel it is a must read coz it is a lesson for all of us.

  29. happiness is a choice but then again somethings can really pull you down...one thing i have had a hard time making others understand is that i truly have never been jealous of anyone..i hate comparisons between 2 people..always have...love what you are wearing btw!


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