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You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

When I was going through a break up some two years back, I remember quite a few people telling me ‘I don’t know how you’re going through this. I would have never been able to do this’ They said it unintentionally of course without a hint that it was making me feel worse. I hated hearing these words. Like really, I didn’t choose to go through this! It’s like I could hear them say ‘Thank God I don’t have to go through this!’ or worse, ‘See how rosy my life is right now!’ I struggled to explain to them that if, God forbid, you had to go through this, you would have, because there is no other option. What other choice do you have than go through it, tell me? Please don’t tell me killing yourself is an option! You could sit in a room and cry for days but in the end you have to move on with your life. Yes, now it really depends on you to take it in your stride or not. I think we human beings are built in such a way that we can deal with a lot of shit. Don’t we all at some point put on our best smile even when our mind is in a turmoil? That is strength too. You have no idea how much strength you possess. So, when you are going through a rough patch, remember you have the strength to deal with it, 'kay? And please, next time before you go ‘How are you dealing with this..I would never have been able to’, think again.

 We can't go through summer without white, no? This pale white top is so girly I just had to buy it. And since I cannot do without colours, I've added the red wedges, floral clutch and yellow neckpiece! Honestly, the outfit looked much better in my head!

Top- A J Store (Rs 450)
Pants- Bossini (Rs 1300-ish)
Clutch- Shoppers' Stop (Rs 1100)
Neckpiece- Gifted
Wedges- Lady Gaga, Kolkata (Rs 650 on sale)


  1. I am a big fan of AJ stores too...I too don't have the right to judge me, if you can't walk in my shoes....

  2. I can relate every line of the write-up to mine. Very well posted.
    Coming to outfit, love the sheer top - pure essential for summers and the the clutch is a beauty! (New Post).

  3. awesome post Sayanatani ! people really should think before they speak!
    and I adore this outfit...this blouse, that wedge, that neckpiece,clutch , ring and your smile....a-w-e-s-o-m-e!:)

  4. When I was going through a break-up myself, I remember reading that quote somewhere. It changed me & the way I dealt with things. Because even though I thought I was not strong enough to manage my life, somehow I would get through that.
    I love your write-up - totally relate to it.
    And your shirt is so girly & pretty!
    Have fun at the Kolkata Bloggers Meet :D

  5. White is soothing. It is the best in summers. :D

  6. break ups are difficult, but u have to stay strong!
    and its actually easier for people to i get it
    you look pretty sayantani !!!!

  7. sure have got a point there! Even when it is the darkest, we have the capacity to fight through the dark & emerge out in the light again! Maybe it's just God's way of breaking the monotony of a perpetually easy/happy life! ;)

    P.S.: LOVE your clutch!! <3

  8. Okay,I want that white top,pretty please?*Gets down on her knees and begs like never before*
    P.S.I HATE anything even remotely close to sympathy! Yes,shit happens and then you HAVE TO deal with it because you've no other option. And where is that Mr./Ms. hater? I've been kinda looking forward to this whole extravaganza!;-)

  9. whats a-j store..i love the top..can we buy it online

  10. Love that girly and that clutch goes so well with it !! Color denims are such a rage...I wore pink one in my recent post too :) You look super CUTE :)

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  11. Haha, the outfit doesn't only look very pretty in your head but in real life too! The top is really pretty! So apt for the summer! :)

  12. Sayantani!! Where is A J store? :P

    Dammeet..22 years of calcutta and I have been clueless about such glam hideouts >.<

    Help me?

  13. I like the fact that your shoes matching your clutch, liiiike;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin

  14. I love the white top you're wearing ! Very comfortable.. great for summers :)
    Your new follower here :)
    Check out my blog too ? :)

  15. i like the way you have combined white with colors!!

    yeah, sometimes we just have to go thru it....really we dont have another choice...but some people do take drastic i guess being stron in optional!!

  16. Wow your Outfit is really great!! Beautiful blouse and i fall in love with your cute clutch!! I think this is such a perfect combination! Nice shoes and necklace!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  17. The outfit is like really well co-ordinated....An apt and feasible look for summer :P

  18. I really adore this outfit, and the message of this blogpost. Word, girl, word.

  19. Great outfit; love the white top, and yes, white is an essential in any wardrobe! Also, appreciate the message, lady! Word, word, word.

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