Blog Makeover+OOTD

 Dress- Gariahat Street Shop (Rs 300)
Shoes- Simpark, Calcutta (Rs 750)
Neckpiece- Emami Market, Calcutta (Rs 250)
Bag- China
 Yes yes, that's me! The blog has got a makeover and also a new name. Yay or nay? Tell me in the comment box.

It took me almost a year of blogging to realize Bows, Hearts and Everything Cute was a little too kiddie for me and a huge name for a blog. So after racking my brains over it and of course forcing Sandy to rack his brains over it, we came up with live.laugh.dressup and not as easily as I just made it sound. I'd been reading Eat, Pray, Love then so it's inspired by the book and also this is pretty much my motto in life- Live fully, Laugh=Enjoy and Dressup!

I've been trying to change the url too and apparently I can only do so if I buy the domain. I tried using my card, mom's and dad's too to make the payment, but google ends up showing an error message even though the domain is available. Can any of you help me with this, please? *makes a puppy face*

The outfit..I picked up this dress for Rs 300. Yes, you heard it right! All you Calcutta girls, go explore Gariahat! I wouldn't have ever imagined picking up a dress like this from there.

Tangerine is 'the' colour of the season but my love for tangerine is deeper than that! More tangerine outfits here here and here. Every store you enter is filled with pretty tangerines and I am not complaining! The colour looks beautiful on all skin tones. If you are not comfortable with the neon version of it, try the dull orange or get an accessory in the colour.
I'm submitting this post for the InFB Remix-Tangerine.


  1. I love the new name and look to the blog!! Tangerine is definitely your look gorgeous :)

  2. loved the bows at the back and yes Gariahat is a heaven if u have the eyes! I once got a floral dress for 75 bucks!

  3. Love the new name and the whole look of the blog! Its a good change for sure!

    And you look gorgeous! Love the back of your dress!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  4. The bows!!! How cute are they? I love them! And your blog is looking so fresh and light! Great work:) x

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  5. such a great look for the blog ! And that dress is to die for :D

  6. Love the whole look! Adorable it is. :) Also the detail on the back of your dress is very pretty. Oh and I love the neckpiece. GOSH. I am so coming to Calcutta :P


  7. ahhaaa... i so totally loved the new look and the new name! its classier... and that dress?? its cute :)
    btw, the nose stud suits u well.

  8. I liked the new title and the clean look to the blog :) :)
    And I loved those bows on your dress :) :) and its pretty great for 300 bucke :) :)

  9. You look wonderful in that dress! Wow! The dress is so pretty!
    P.S. Blog looks amazing now and the new name is cool! :)

  10. The blog looks so colorful and cute
    I loved the dress and specially the back and the bows
    See you around


  11. wow, such a cute dress and my jaw dropped after reading the price! YOU got a great deal:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  12. You look pretty in the dress...The blog looks so new ad fresh..I like it :)


  13. Loving the detailing on the back Sayantani! And what a find! I love a good steal.. and it's unpredictable what you can find when you're thrifting :)

  14. Wait, WHAT? Gariahat? Damn I need to start shopping at Gariahat. I never thought I would see this day =S
    I love the new look!! Also,the road behind you looks vaguely familiar. I so cannot place it

    1. It is Gol park :D Thank you and you must! Gariahat has some beautiful stuff!

  15. Love the blog, would love it if you could join us on facebook/beluxedfashion to post your self
    fashion portraits and win great gifts from mango, Zara and Bodyshop.

  16. Tangerine is so your color! you look adorable.
    And about Gariahat it is indeed one of the places to find some amazing stuff at amazing prices, just a little patience.
    Love the new name for the blog!

  17. Oh my god!
    that dress is gorgeous
    love love love!

  18. I love that dress. It's such a pretty colour.

  19. Your blog is one place where I find creativity and inspiration.
    And that colour suits you so well. Love the bows a lot though.
    I guess I'll have to visit Kolkata soon...

  20. Super cute dress! I love the color, you look gorgeous!

  21. OMG that dress is gorgeous!! Its always a wonder what you can find (for so cheap)on the streets!

  22. Oh you, hottie. That dress is amazing ... specially the back.

    Thanks for linking the post!!!

  23. The dress is super cute. And just for 300 bucks. Awesome. Wish i could come down to calcutta.
    You look great :)

  24. Love the back of your dress - that's so cute!

  25. love the dress,,, such a steal,,, u look so pretty ,, following you ,,, do visit my blog and follow if you like ,,, ;p


  26. OMG! where did you find that dress in Gariahat? i never seem to find such lovely clothes from the street it! :D


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