How To: Palazzo Pants

Shirt/Pants: BK Market ( Rs 550, Rs 750)

I've been wearing my palazzos like I have no other clothes in my closet. If you follow me on twitter, you get what I'm saying, innit? They are perfect to beat the heat..after dresses and skirts of course. They've replaced the jeans in my closet for good! If you are still wearing jeans in the heat, you're a crackpot! *i mean it*

I know quite a few  girls who are afraid to try palazzo pants. I've been there! Last year, when Serena wore them in Gossip Girl, I loved it. But it looked so overwhelming with so much cloth, I decided it wasn't for me. But if blogging has taught me one thing, it is experimenting and since I tried them, I am in love with them! Break out of your comfort zone and try something new's fun. Experimenting is always good! Just don't go too outrageous, okay?
  • If you're short like the girl in the picture :P and slightly bulky, wear them with heels.
  • Wear them with a tucked-in shirt, a thin belt, a cross-body or sling bag and heels. You cannot go wrong.
  • It's okay to wear a loose blouse but make sure it isn't too loose since the pants are wide legged.
  • I like tucking in my blouse with palazzos..kind of gives a better shape. But, you could also wear then with a cropped tee.
  • Try a retro look with palazzo pants
  • If you happen to live in a country that isn't as hot and humid as ours, wear them with blazers.


  1. Bold and pretty color combo, I love it!

  2. so bright! perfect for summers! Love the blog makeover!

    welcome us as ur new followers!
    We just started a blog :
    would be glad if you drop by! :)

  3. Absolute Love!
    Palazzos looks gorgeous with that yellow blouse.
    you are my new Palazzo Queen:) Honestly, haven't seen anyone wearing this brilliantly.

    P.S: Love the third picture!

  4. love this pants..but being pear shaped a bit confused on wearing these..btw short too :(

  5. Hey pretty lady! I adore your colour combination in this outfit. I think that's what I love most about your style; that you always pair colours very well! Adore:) Also, I agree with what you say about palazzo pants. They are my all time favs as well :)

    Love, Miffalicious.

  6. I love them palazzo pants, even I think I should give them a try.
    And the color blocking looks amazing.


  7. Such hot colours! Go really well together! Love the pallazos! Look good on you! :)

  8. love the colours!!!i had a palazzo but it tore last year and i haven't been able to get my hands on another yet..i totally get what you mean about people wearing's so hot out there!
    i am following you via gfc,twitter,pinterest and bloglovin!
    it's great to come across such a stylish fellow city dweller!

  9. Loved you look..I too am scared to try the palazzo..not so tall and plump me :) but you've inspired me to go ahead and try.. am following your blog now :) do check out my blog and follow if you like :)

  10. nice colour blocking,, love ure yellow blouse!!

  11. My my... love the bright colours! The yellow really makes your face glow :)
    Love. Japna

  12. You look like a model in this post! Love your outfit, esp those 2 colors.


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