Vibgyor Challenge

Tunic worn as Top- Fashion and You
Skirt- Gifted
Shoes- Be Stylish
Earrings- Street stall
Bag- Thailand

This white skirt is my absolute favourite. Something I'd keep with me all my life and pass it down to my kids, if and when I have one. This was the last gift from my favourite uncle before he passed away. It means more to me than anything else in my wardrobe.
And this was my outfit for the InFB VIBGYOR challenge. You can check the post here. So much colour. You can also check the InFB Facebook page for individual pictures. And all of you who thought I'd won the challenge..well, I did in a way considering that every participant is a winner, according to InFB. How sweet na?


  1. a complete look :) looking very pretty your red shoes.. very true dear.. every one who participated is a winner in their own way!
    am following you now..
    Take care..


  2. You are absolutely gorgeous. Bright colours definitely suit you the most. You are looking as pretty as a flower!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. You look absolutely adorable. :D The colourful top was a stunner for me the minute you sent the picture.

    And yes, for me: every participant is a winner.


  4. I love the tunic and the skirt! Both of them are really awesome! Those earrings too are definitely adorable. Great combination!

  5. love your white skirt, very beautiful and summery xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  6. Your printed top is really pretty. I like the colors that were used.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I already celebrated your win with a cupcake when you had uploaded the picture of that badge you got for winning the contest.:D That skirt is so soothing! I LOVE it,to say the least! By the way,who takes your pictures,huh? I know I can meet you girls up for 'big outfit posts' but there are days when you don't plan an outfit post,just throw something on and mix and match so that you feel good and then you feel the whole thing is worth an outfit post. I missed at least two such outfit posts because I had no one to take the pictures!:-(

  8. loved the skirt,tunic,flat,earring...everything including you ! :)

  9. The skirt looks really good on you & what an amazing memory associated with it.

  10. That top/tunic is too pretty. Love ur earrings :)

  11. Love it ALL !! Glad to hear from you after a Loooong time ... Thanx for your lovely comment :)


  12. This is such a pretty and colourful look, and cheers for winning that badge !
    Keep Smiling:D

  13. i totally forgot i wanted to take part in this that's beautiful..and great the way how was shopping from be stylish?i almost ordered a pair from there but finally bad reviews held me back..i have the smallest feet and if they get the size wrong!

  14. I liked the skirt too!
    Its soo preetyyyy!
    And you just happen to look ever adorable in it

  15. the print on the shirt is really pretty!! hope you have a great weekend :)

  16. Very nice.. I liked the coloured top..u luk fabulous :)

  17. Love your top!!! And your from kolkatta!? yay! my hometown!
    check out my blog for new fashion related posts and one including some yummy food by clicking the 'FOOD' tab above! :)

  18. interesting look, I am loving all those colours!!!


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