going back to school

Blouse-Fashion and You
Shoes-Lady Gaga, Kolkata
Bag-Don't remember
On my lips-Revlon Fuschia

You know the pieces you look at and want to scream with joy? This is that skirt for me. Mom got it tailor-made for me. When she gave it to me, I screamed. Literally. Why? I love pleats and florals. End of story. The tailor had already spoilt two dresses of mine so the skirt was a pleasant surprise!

This skirt happens to remind me of my school skirt, which looked similar but of course no floral print there. It was this navy blue skirt which was worn with a blazer. We called it Sunday uniform. Strangely, we didn't really  wear it on Sundays but on special occasions. I remember wearing them on the day holidays began. Since I was in a boarding school, holidays were even more exciting..to be able to come home after months! And the wait..when will parents arrive, exchanging numbers and promising to keep in touch even though we'd all have to see each other after the holidays. Memories!
I tried to recreate a schoolgirl look with the skirt..wearing it with a ruffled top and ballerinas. Obviously I had to give the blazer a miss!


  1. The skirt is the prettiest! I love all your floral printed clothes! Thay are so amazing! Send some to me, please? ;)

    Oh! I know I miss my school uniform!

  2. You look so pretty in that lipstick shade!
    I love that skirt too.
    You should have asked the tailor to hem it a few inches up!


  3. I have a similar top, you look so cute and pretty! Definitely love it!


  4. Loved the skirt ! And that bag ! You are looking super cute <3

    Bong's Belleza

  5. the skirt is very very pretty. loved it! ur Mom is really awesome XOXOX

  6. How absolutely adorable are you here? You always remind me of cotton candy and candy floss and other sweet and lovely things.

    Love, Miffalicious [www.miffalicious.com]


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