Come hail, storm or rain...

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

I'd like to believe season changes are Mother Nature's way of bringing some joy in our lives. Because new season bring with it the joy of a wardrobe transition.
I love the rains, mostly when I can sit at home with a hot mug of coffee and listen to the sound of the rain. However, braving the heavy rains and getting about your life  is the difficult part. But come hail, storm or rain, we don't really stop dressing up, do we?

So here are some do's and don'ts to get you through this season!

Monsoon Do's

  • Choosing the right pair of shoes is most important this season. I avoid wearing my favourite pairs!
  • Buy a pair of rain shoes. Owning a pair of plastic and rubber shoes is a must. 
  • To avoid the mud water stains at the back of your jeans or pants, wear them with buckled shoes or the ones with straps to keep your feet firmly fitted to it.
  • The good old days of ugly duckback gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats are dead! You get them in pretty colours and prints now.
  • When it comes to clothes, avoid thick fabrics as they take longer to dry. Opt for light cottons and chiffons.
  • Opt for dresses, skirts, shorts and capris over jeans.
  • Cropped pants were definitely invented to get you through this season. No cropped pants? Roll up your regular pants and you're good to go.
  • The sun is playing hide-and-seek and its cloudy and gloomy. Opt for brights. Dress in the colours of the rainbow.
  • Though sometimes its fun to dress in the colours of the monsoon..greys and blacks. Add a pop of colour if you like!
  • A pair of light blazer for the days it gets a little chilly.

Monsoon Don'ts

  • I don't really believe in don'ts but you need to pack up your suede shoes and keep it at the back of your wardrobe.
  • Wedges over stilletoes this season because when your high heels go into the soggy and muddy ground, it is not cool!
  • I try avoiding whites especially when the rains are crazy. You wouldn't want to be all see-through, right?
  • Full-length palazzos, maxis are best left alone during heavy rains. If you have to wear them, wear it with wedges.

Cropped wide-legged pants!

Rain shoes!

Rain accessory umbrella!

(Shirt- Siliguri (Gifted), Pants- BK Market, Calcutta (Rs 450), Shoes- Crocs (Rs 1600), Dress- Tailored, Bellerinas-Westside, Umbrella-Hong Kong Market, Siliguri)

I love receiving your feedback. This post is for a very sweet reader Pallavi! And I've also added the prices as Sayantini, another reader asked me to.

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  1. Definitely some great tips to help ease the transition of the seasons!

  2. You look really cute in the outfits above! Great monsoon tips too!

  3. Like I said before, you're the best! I really enjoy your blog and your posts, they are both informative and practical. Also,it heartens me to see someone from Calcutta who's so well dressed. Stepping out into the streets, (I)you just want to put on opaque shades and walk around hoping things would blur out around you. Plus, you are adorable! =]

  4. helpful tips..and only those who have faced the rain here will understand the true importance of following these rules most days..some days we are bound to slip up :P
    love the 2nd look!

  5. Okay girl, I love those shoes. Duuuuh.

    And I love the last picture and the look. You are so pretty S! :)

    Rains make you prettier it seems.


    new post is up

  6. Blissful!
    Rains,of course are beautiful! Gives so much pleasure. <3

  7. Loved this post...thank you for keeping my request...:)


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