Durga Puja: Mahalaya

Dress-Howrah Bridge, Rs 900. Mojris-Hong Kong Market, Siliguri, Rs 250. Bangles-FabIndia. Earrings-Gifted. On my lips-Colorbar Obsessed Orange.

It is that time of the year again. Yes, Durga Puja is finally here *does a little dance* For all those who don't get my excitement..Durga Puja is to Bengalis what Christmas is to Christians. It is the one festival every Bengali, atheist or not, has marked on his calendar. And to be in the City of Joy during the festival is the cherry on the cake. New clothes, good food, family, friends, pandal hopping and the sound of 'dhak'! The sound of dhak has got to be the best thing about the puja. Well, after all the shopping though!

Durga Puja is actually a ten-day celebration and it officially started yesterday with Mahalaya.

Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion observed seven days before the Durga Puja. It heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. Goddess Durga visits the earth for only four days but seven days prior to the Pujas, starts the Mahalaya. It's a kind of invocation or invitation to the mother goddess to descend on earth - "Jago Tumi Jago". This is done through the chanting of mantras and singing devotional songs. (Read more here)

I opted for Indo-western on Mahalaya. I love the Indian-ness of the dress. Isn't one of the best things about our country the variety of prints? Also, this dress is designed by my blogger friend Anupriya. You should go check out her designs. No, she hasn't paid me to say this, but she is so damn talented. And affordable too.


  1. Love the indian-ness of it all and that delish shade of orange!

  2. i like it! will ur friend design for me too?

  3. I am so looking forward to the kurta i am getting from anaupriya..i love the one you are wearing..and i have to look for the lip color you have on..i have been searching for an orange lip colour.

    1. You'll be getting it soon! But I want a post from you too! Mind you! ;)

  4. I'm not a bengali, but I love this time of the year. 23 years and never missed Pujo in Cal!

    You look lovely as always and I love the lip color,i need to get my hands on it :D

  5. Awwwwww...thank you SO much for the shout out girl!! I LOVE the way you carry my dresses! Mwah! :))

  6. yess!!! durga pujo is here!!

    you look so vibrant in this dress!!!

    durga pujo er shubheccha


  7. This is so pretty :D I love how you wore it with a belt and that smile of yours can totally just carry anyone away. :D Also, green is totally your colour. Just saying.

    Amazing piece Anupriya! Would totally get something like this in the future.




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