Sputnik Sweetheart

I recently read Sputnik Sweetheart and I am in love with Haruki Murakami. He has superpowers when it comes to story telling. I just written down a few of my favourite quotes from the book, more for myself, because you know I love quotes.

"Falling in love is always a pretty crazy thing. It might appear out of the blue and just grab you. Who knows - maybe even tomorrow."

"Sometimes you're just the sweetest thing. Like Christmas, summer holidays and a brand-new puppy all rolled into one."

"But one thing bothers me. Someday you'll get married to some nice girl and forget all about me. And I won't be able to call you in the middle of the night whenever I want to. Right?"

"I think most people live in a fiction. Think of it in terms of a car's transmission. It's like a transmission that stands between you and the harsh realities of life. You take the raw power from outside and use gears to adjust it so everything's all nicely in sync. That's how you keep your fragile body intact."

"Sometimes I feel so-I don't know-lonely. The kind of helpless feeling when everything you're used to has been ripped away. Like there's no gravity, and I'm left to drift in outer space with no idea of where I'm going."

"Why do you have to be this lonely? What's the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the Earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?"

"We each have a special something we can get only at a special time of our life. Like a small flame. A careful, fortunate few cherish that flame, nurture it, hold it as a torch to light their way. But once that flame goes out, it's gone forever. What I'd lost was not just Sumire. I'd lost that precarious flame."

"I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do. T dream, to live in the world of dreams - just as Sumire said. But it doesn't last forever. Wakefulness always comes to take me back."

"So that's how we live our lives. No matter how deep and fatal the loss, no matter how important the thing that's stolen from us - that's snatched right out of our hands - even if we are left completely changed people with only the outer layer of skin from before, we continue to play out our lives this way, in silence. We draw ever nearer to our allotted span of time, bidding it farewell as it trails off behind.  Repeating, often adroitly, the endless deeds of the everyday. Leaving behind a feeling of immeasurable emptiness."


  1. wow..some really awesome lines you picked up..i haven;t read the book though ..i'm less into reading novels :P but yes ofcourse i loved the words you picked up from the book :)

    Elegance Stylized Blog

  2. never heard about the book. will have to grab my copy soon.. the lines seems interesting!

  3. I, as well have the habit of listing out quotes from books and mark them with highlighter. Its nice to go back, read and get something sensible out of them :)

  4. This book is on my To-Read list! Can't wait to start reading it.

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  5. Damn it, I do the same. I'm reading 1Q84. It's pretty cool. I've started loving Haruki Murakami. He really does have this power of story telling. It takes to into another world! It binds you to the book.

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