Fashion Faux Pas

New hair cut! Yay!

Studded Top: BK Market (Rs 550), Maxi Skirt: Styldrv for Spring Break (Rs 1200), 
Neckpiece: StalkBuyLove (Rs 399), Bag: Shreeram Arcade (Rs 799), Shoes: Carlton London via bestylish

Let's talk fashion faux pas today. The ones I see around here a lot.

  • Plastic bra straps. Why do they still exist?  Tell me why were they ever made in the first place? It's not transparent. You can see it. I can see it. In fact, it clings on the skin and gives it a yellow tinge. Okay, let's skip the details? But can we stop wearing them please!
  • Tights/leggings with short tops. Believe me, no one wants to see your ass. Big ass, small ass..we don't want to see your ass and may I add thighs, sticking out of that thin fabric.
  • Also, there is a difference between churidaar and leggings. Churidaars have these wrinkle (churi) near the ankle and they are not meant to be worn with western wear. Leggings do not have churis and that is what you're meant to wear with dresses and tunics.
  • God is in the details. You see this woman dressed impeccably and then there she goes wrong with her shoes. Flip flops! Flip flops are meant for the beach or maybe for a very casual outfit. Maybe. I know there are some really cute ones out there but why on earth would you wear it with every damn outfit!
  • I love mixing prints and I love neons. But do you have to go out of your way to look like a Christmas tree? Print mixing is difficult. So go easy, okay? Too much going on in one outfit is so not stylish.
  • I'm certain women who decide to wear all the bling in one outfit is out to take revenge on the world. It's like 'Let me wear all the sequins I own today and make everybody blind.' Sequins are pretty but too much of anything is bad.
  • Thin or fat, we can all be fashionable, but by wearing our own size. Wearing one or two sizes smaller isn't really going to make you thin. It is going to show off your paunch and those love handles and ruin the outfit.

P.S I've heard enough people say fox's pronounced fau pah. Thank you! 


  1. hahhahaaa..
    loved every single bit of ur writing! splly d christmas tree thing! so true!!
    u have to see certain aunties wear suits and sarees at weddings... they do flash like tubelights with a lot of sequins and dirty huge pieces of jewelry like there is going to be a black out and they are d saviors!
    well done with the writing :)

  2. i love the last two points the best..loled at the 2nd last one and i think the last one stems from insecurity.because we are always told we should be a certain size to "look good" so they try to trick themselves into, result you hate how you look and the self esteem takes a blow..i love the outfit,i had to scroll down to understand what faux pas you were talking about because i could see none in your outfit :)

  3. I agree with each of the words typed here, Sayantani :)

    Sayantini Bhattacharya @ another part of me

  4. I remember saying fox pass. HAHA :P I swear I hate those transparent yellow sick looking straps totally. The haircut is so chic. :D

  5. Love the colours in your outfit. Your hair looks gorgeous too!

    Totally agree with the tabulated points. Laughed so hard as fox pass! haha!

  6. So pretty soo pretty!
    I adore your hair! And this colour combinitation is one of my favourites:)
    Lovely post girl!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. Studded top <3
    Maxi skirt <3
    Lip color <3
    Bag <3

    Well....that's pretty much everything. no? :)

    Ok....wait......I missed one thing!

    YOU <3

  8. Lovely stuff - completely agree on them, specially the faux pas thing :D

  9. ha ha ha...awesome post Sayantani :)...and awesome you!Loved that top and that necklace :)

  10. This post is excellent. ?.totally agree with the 'fau pahs' you've listed:-):-)
    You look gorgeous, absolutely adore the look!

    Love from Sydney,

  11. Hahahaha. Nice and sassy, S. Appreciate. Also, that spiked necklace is such a win win win!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  12. Lol.. agree with the sequins. Love the skirt and the necklace..

  13. LOVE your top & ofcourse the neckpiece :)

    She Rockin Them Stilettos

  14. Hahaha very well written!!! :) Loved the Fau Pah's :P

  15. HAHAHA omg
    all of the above mentioned is so true!
    And you look gorgeous, love that skirt on you
    and that smile <3

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  16. Loveee that skirt and the necklace:) U look lovely!

  17. Haha so well written! :D <3
    i love your outfit so much and that necklace is so beautiful <3

  18. Great post! Well written and well said! I love your haircut :)

  19. You look awesome in all the dress you wear


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