Sometimes life seems just like a scene out of a maseledaar Bollywood movie. Not like my life is anything close to dramatic right now, but just saying, you know, it happens sometimes. If anything, my life's monotonous. With stability comes monotony. But, despite that, life's good. It is. I've been so out of touch with blogosphere..you know, the times when it's the last thing on your mind? So this is me saying a big hello to all of you. I'm not dead guys! I'll leave you with some pictures now *not in the mood for ootds*

 I'm at my happiest after shopping. New sari for friend's wedding in January

 Some sequins in my wardrobe. And stalkbuylove.com I love!

 You know the "I have to tell you something" conversations with besties? One of those. Also, I love the lipstick mark on the coffee mug

 Revisiting childhood 

 Guilty pleasure!

"There's the school of thought that says the family you're born into is simply a starting point. They feed you, and clothe you, and take care of you, until you're ready to go out into the world and find your tribe."


  1. I'm guessing that's a fabindia sari. Have fun with Bollywood masala! :)

  2. that sequin seems pretty.. i am gonna chk in the website right away.
    see you soon writing more :)

  3. love the photos..i like that the paper boat prominently shows that headline..i have monotony and boredom but life is far from being stable for me..i recently got something from stalk buy love too..:)

  4. Girl,you blogged! I love you and your blog(and your sari and your office and almost everything about you)! I'm not much of a sequins person. So,won't go into the dress. And isn't she Fiona? So pretty1 You two look like a house on fire! Want an outfit post soon. And can't wait for the 22nd meet! Love.

  5. Thanks for sharing these random snippets from your "stable & monotonous" life!! Much like mine...though I can't describe mine as "monotonous" at any cost! :P

    And yayyy! Can't wait to go out with "the tribe" on the 22nd! ;)

  6. I completely get what you mean by out of touch with the blogosphere, same here for quite some time. :D Also, love the pictures. Stalk buy love is pretty amazing know? That saree looks fabulous. So pretty the colour is.


  7. Ohh that saree...can't wait to see you in that saree :)
    Last picture is so adorable...I know she is fiona...FACEBOOK Zindabad ;)

    kisses :)

  8. That paper boat and the headlines on it compliment each other :-)


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