Moment of Victory

The joy of picking up up a navy blue and fuchsia pink sweatshirt from a pile of cardigans for men in the forever-busy streets of New Market. I have known that joy. Dramatic much? Ha!
If you've been to New Market in Calcutta, you know how it is to walk past the Grand Oberoi Hotel way. With hawkers on both sides screaming 'chori ka maal' and 'yeh le lo sister' and people pushing you all over the place, I never know whether to be extra careful about my bag or save myself from pinches in the wrong places.
My friend and I decided to fight through the crowd the other day and check out the cardigans being sold on the streets. Spotting this pretty piece was my moment of victory. And the shopkeeper said something like "Itni pyari hasi deke, aap mujhe lut rehe ho." He charged 300 bucks.

Sweatshirt- New Market (Rs 300), Skirt- Custom-made, Bag- Simpark (Rs 800), Neckpiece- Stalkbuylove, Shoes- Lady Gaga

Last month, Sushmita of My Unfinished Life came down to Calcutta, giving us bloggers another reason to meet. We decided to take Sushmita for some shopping to our favourite BK Market. By the plastics in our hand, you know we shopped. I didn't plan on shopping, but I still did. I've come to realise most of my shopping is done when I've accompanied someone else shopping. They shop or not, I DO NOT come back without a shopping bag or may I add, bags. Such is life! Sigh!
Anyway, though it was a short meet, it was fun and yes, Soumi as usual was our source of entertainment. The clip you see on my hair is a gift from Anupriya! Yay! *We missed you Debi*


  1. I just love those geek glasses on you :)

  2. i love everything you are wearing..really wish you could make it tomorrow

  3. How much did the neckpiece cost? Inbox/DM/text me,no? Then maybe I'd finally start buying at least accessories online. And,pleasure was all mine. :-D

  4. Also,you'll be missed tomorrow. Both you and Anu.

  5. It was fun fun fun to meet you up gal...and u looked awesome!!!!.....

    and i love ur glasses..hunting for similar pair myself in delhi :)

  6. Woah ! you look stunning ! Love it so much :D
    And the intro was hilarious xD
    xoxo <3

  7. I absolutely adore this. How adorable are you, my love?

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  8. I love your sweatshirt! Still can't believe you actually got it from in front of Grand!

    And yay!! :Looking forward to our next meet already!!! :)

  9. Great bohemian-Chic look doll.... the maxi skirt is really pretty!
    Love the pictures with your friends!
    Kisses from Miami,

  10. Hi! I happened to chance upon your blog here and quite like your individualistic style! Looking forward to your next post!


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