Hello, hello, after what seems like ages! 

I usually find no time to blog with college and assignments, but now that I have exams coming up, I will find time for everything under the sun. This blog is so dear to me, it does not even come under the 'everything under the sun' category so here I am reminding you that I exist before I allot time for 'everything under the sun'.

I've had no time or energy for outfit posts so I'm sharing a few ootds from Instagram.

I love how this outfit came together *must do a proper post on this*

Of tribal prints and fringes!

Grey is such a blah colour. Throw in some neon accessories to un-blah the outfit. *un-blah, really? I totally made that up*

The joy of getting out of heels after a long, long night of dancing and drinks.

The easiest DIY!

Leaving you with this beautiful quote!


  1. Girl,I miss you blogging more often. You are such a fun blogger! Pure unadulterated fun. Sigh.

  2. Glimpses of all the outfits are outstanding.
    You should do a complete post on each of it :f


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