The Girl In Yellow Shoes

Well yes, I have a brother who makes it a point to take the picture right when I'm talking or doing my hair!

Top/Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Simpark Mall, Calcutta
Leather Jacket: Vero Moda
Bag: Janpath, Delhi

I love the excitement of a new season. The change of colours, fashion-wise and in nature, silhouettes, shoes. The pretty florals of spring and the darkness of winter. This is my last winter post and also the last few pictures in my drafts from my Calcutta trip. See how I utilize my holidays? My winter wear is already nicely tucked away in some corner of my wardrobe at home. I live in Chennai. Did you forget we have just one season all year round? Sigh, but yay! I can't wait for the pastels and the tea-length skirts!


  1. Same shoes post! Yay! I can never have enough of this pair! Mine is a little ruined, thanks to the rain I had underestimated the day I attended a b'day party with Debi and Anu. :-(

  2. Last Winter Post. While, I will have to stuff myself with piles and piles of clothes for another few months.
    The only time I get to wear bright and a little less clothes is when i travel to Kolkata.
    That Bag (Pure Love). Everytime I see them, I have an urge to buy something similar. I hope I find one soon.

  3. Love love love the top. You look pretty! :)

  4. I ahve those shoes in pink!! bougth with you guys only during my kolkata trip!!!

    love the tee dear!!


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