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I don't understand the hype over Valentine's Day. No, I'm not going to tell you that love should be celebrated everyday. I don't think that's really possible. We need special days. We don't celebrate being alive every day, we have birthdays for that and we have anniversaries for love. Doesn't that make more sense? But I guess, to each his own.

Though V-Day is nothing special for me, I'm still a hopeless romantic. Love, I believe, is the strongest of all emotions. It makes us do crazy things, makes us selfless and selfish at the same time. It makes us happy and it breaks our heart. We vouch never to fall in love again and then it happens again. It may not make the world go round, but it does make our world go round. Love is a funny thing!

I love seeing all the cutesy hearts hanging in stores, couples holding hands, girls waiting to be asked out on V-Day. And with that, we also get to see girls cribbing about not having a Valentine. Like seriously? It's okay not have a Valentine. It doesn't kill you. Instead of looking for love outside, it is important to love yourself. If you cannot love yourself with all your imperfections, no one ever will. Your partner does not complete you, you complete yourself.

So this V-Day (or any other day, you know), love yourself. Pamper yourself with a spa. Buy flowers instead of waiting for someone to get it for you.

Love will come when it has to and then may be you can have your perfect V-Day, if you still insist on it being a special day *rolls eyes*.

Top: (bought in 2013)
Jeans: Vero Moda (2013)
Loafers: Westside (2013)
Bracelets: Globus (2012)
Bag: New Market, Calcutta (2010)
On my lips: Love that Red by Revlon and Rubis Rouge by Chambor 


  1. you look like a true blue college the look..and i agree completely with you about v-day.

  2. I love your b'day parallel! But I DO believe that one's partner completes them. But then, like you said, to each his own. And I love the spiky wristbands you are wearing. And we have talked about these shoes, haven't we?

  3. Gorgeous! Love the shoes and that top is absolutely lovely. The colours in this post are somehow seemingly bound together so well. :’)


  4. yeah loving one self is the best thing ever...and the start to a very fulfilling relationship!!!

    love the way u dress up so casual yet chic dear!!!


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